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the scheme now under consideration.  Indeed, were such an enterprise directed solely by an agency destitute of this powerful lever, we should anticipate failure in nine cases out of ten, no matter how great the ability that directed and how abundant the capital that could be commanded.  Individual rapacity and selfishness would spoil everything, and instead of a beautiful spirit of harmony and self-sacrifice, we should find a lucky few gaining the prizes and the masses left no better, perhaps worse, off than before.

With these preliminary remarks I would introduce the Country Colony, as suggested by General Booth.  It will consist of the following branches, to which no doubt others will be added as we advance:—­

  1.  The Suburban Farm in the vicinity of large cities, including

     (a) A dairy for the supply of milk, ghee, cream and butter.

     (b) A market garden for fruit and vegetables.

  2.  The Industrial Village.

  3.  The Social Territory or Poor Man’s Paradise.

  4.  The City of Refuge.

  5.  Miscellaneous: 

     (a) Gangs for public works, such as tanks, railways, roads, &c.

     (b) Gangs for tea gardens.

     (c) Land along the railways.



The connecting link between the City Colony and the Country Colony will be the Suburban Farm.  Situated conveniently near to the largest cities, it will serve many important purposes.

1.  It will form the channel, or outlet, by which the agricultural portion of the labor overflow in the cities will make its way back to the country.  In fact, it will constitute a sort of sluice which will in time act with the same regularity and ease as those which are attached to any reservoir of water, directing to the most needy places, and distributing without waste, those very waters which if uncontrolled would sweep everything before them as a devastating flood.

2.  It will at the same time find a ready market in the city, not only for its own produce, but for that of the other branches of the country colony, with which it would be in constant and close communication.

3.  It will supply the city with wholesome and unadulterated dairy produce, together with the best fruits and vegetables, at the ordinary market rates.  These could be disposed of either wholesale to city merchants, or by moans of stalls in the various markets, or we could undertake to retail them in connection with our Household Salvage Brigade.  The Suburban Farm would consist of, say, from fifty to five hundred acres of land in the immediate neighbourhood of a city.  It would combine three or more separate departments.

1. The Dairy. Buffaloes and cows would be given us by friends, besides being purchased and reared by us, in large numbers.  To tend them, milk them, prepare the ghee, cream and butter, and to convey it all to town, would find employment for a large number of the Submerged Tenth.

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