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“The Duke of Norfolk is Lord of the Manor, from his ancestors the Lovetots, Furnivals, Nevilles, Talbots, and Howards.

“Roger de Busli had 46 manors in Yorkshire, and in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire 179.

“The Cutlers’ Company was incorporated 21st James I.—­The cutlers are 8,000 or 10,000 in number.

“In 1751, the first stage-wagon went from Sheffield to London.  In 1762, the first stage-coach.

“In 1752, the plated manufacture began.

“In 1770, the first bank was opened.

“In 1786, the first steam-engine grinding-wheel was established.

“The casting or melting of steel began 60 years ago, till which time Swedish bar-steel was used.

“There are iron-forges near every Roman station, and Abbey Dale is full of cinders from smelting, with apertures to windward to serve as blasts.

“Beds of scoriae found in the parish, on which trees grow, and in old pleasure parks.—­Roman coins are also found in scoria.—­A quarry of stone at Wincobank Hill, contains fossilized vegetables, chiefly calamites.  They are succulent, and of the bamboo family.  In the coal districts, branches and trunks of trees are found; and Mr. Rhodes took out of solid stone, a fossil post of walnut wood.  South-east of Tickhill, is an accumulation of subterranean trees, in black earth, mixed with shells and rounded stones.

“It is believed at Sheffield, that the executioner of Charles I., was a person of the name of William Walker, a native of Darnall, near Sheffield.  Such was the tradition at his native place.  He died at Darnall in 1700 and was buried in Sheffield church, where there was a brass plate to his memory.  It is certain that a Walker, was one of the masks, and that this Walker was an active partizan:  but he was a man of learning, and wrote some tracts on mathematics and politics.

“Dr. Buchan, began his career as a Scotch physician at Sheffield, and actually wrote his famous ‘Domestic Medicine,’ in the house at the south corner of Hartshead, in which for many years has resided Mr. J. Montgomery.”

The varied and attractive character of our extract is the best plea for its length; but reading like this never tires.—–­Sir R. Phillips’ Personal Tour.

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A snapper up of unconsidered trifles. 

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At St. Lawrence, October 13, 1828, wind S.W. the atmosphere was filled with smoke, which, with intervening clouds, intercepted the sun’s light, so as to require the use of candles several times during the day.  The water which fell in the afternoon and evening was so much affected by the smoke as to be bitter to the taste.

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