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Fine cochineal, which has been well dried and properly kept, ought to be of a grey colour inclining to purple.  The grey is owing to a powder which covers it naturally, a part of which it still retains; the purple tinge proceeds from the colour extracted by the water in which it has been killed.  Cochineal will keep a long time in a dry place.  Hellot says, that he tried some one hundred and thirty years old, and found it produce the same effect as new.

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There is now in the neigbourhood of Dovercourt, in Essex, upon the estate of Sir T. Gaisford, a chestnut-tree fifty-six feet in circumference, which flourishes well, and has had a very good crop of chestnuts for many years.


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  I’d be an Alderman, born in the City,
    Where haunches of venison and green turtles meet
    Seeking in Leadenliall, reckless of pity,
    Birds, beast, and fish, that the knowing ones eat
  I’d never languish for want of a luncheon. 
    I’d never grieve for the want of a treat;
  I’d be an Alderman, constantly munching,
    Where haunches of venison and green turtles meet.

  Oh! could I wheedle the votes at the vestry,
    I’d have a share of those good sav’ry things;
  Enchained by turkey, in love with the pastry. 
    And floating in Champagne, while Bow bells ring. 
  Those who are cautious are skinny and fretful,
    Hunger, alas! naught but ill-humour brings;
  I’d be an Alderman, rich with a net full,
    Rolling in Guildhall, whilst old Bow bells ring.

  What though you tell me that prompt apoplexy
    Grins o’er the glories of Lord Mayor’s Day,
  ’Tis better, my boy, than blue devils to vex ye,
    Or ling’ring consumption to gnaw you away. 
  Some in their folly take black-draught and blue-pill,
    And ask ABERNETHY their fate to delay;
  I’d he an Alderman, WAITHMAN’S apt pupil,
    Failing when dinner things are clearing away.

Monthly Magazine.

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I once resided in a country town; I will not specify whether that town was Devizes or Doncaster, Beverley or Brighton:  I think it highly reprehensible in a writer to be personal, and scarcely more venial do I consider the fault of him who presumes to be local.  I will, however, state, that my residence lay among the manufacturing districts; but lest any of my readers should be misled by that avowal, I must inform them, that in my estimation all country towns, from the elegant Bath, down to the laborious Bristol, are (whatever their respective polite or mercantile inhabitants may say to the contrary), positively, comparatively, and superlatively, manufacturing towns!

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