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BARSSEGH [rising].  O you wretch, you!

MOSI.  Yes, you should certainly have paid it.  Why didn’t you?  For whom are you saving?  To-morrow or the day after you will have to die and leave it here.

BARSSEGH.  Stop, or—­

KHALI [to Mosi].  Why do you anger him?  Haven’t we trouble and anxiety enough?

MOSI.  Well, I will be still.  But I swear that this young man may call himself lucky that he has freed himself from you and closed with Ossep.  Both of you together are not worth Ossep’s finger-tips.

BARSSEGH.  Leave me in peace or I will shake off all my anger on to you.

MOSI.  What can you do to me?  You cannot put my store under the hammer.  What a man you are, indeed!

BARSSEGH.  A better man than you any day.

MOSI.  In what are you better?

BARSSEGH.  In the first place, I am master of my five senses, and you are cracked.

MOSI [laughs].  Ha, ha, ha!  If you were rational you would not have said that.  Am I crazy because I show up your villanies?  You are wise, you say?  Perhaps you are as wise as Solomon!

BARSSEGH.  I am wealthy.

MOSI.  Take your money and—­[Whispers something in his ear.] You have stolen it here and there.  You have swindled me out of something, too.  Me and this one and that one, and so you became rich!  You have provided yourself with a carriage, and go riding in it and make yourself important.  Yes, that is the way with your money.  Did your father Matus come riding to his store in a carriage, eh?  You say you are rich?  True, there is scarcely anyone richer than you; but if we reckon together all the money you have gained honorably, we shall see which of us two has most. [Drawing his purse from his pocket and slapping it.] See!  I have earned all this by the sweat of my brow.  Oh, no, like you I collected it for the church and put it in my own pocket.  Are you going to fail again soon?

BARSSEGH.  Heaven preserve me from it!

MOSI.  It would not be the first time.  When you are dead they will shake whole sacks full of money in your grave for you.

BARSSEGH.  Will you never stop?

KHALI.  Are you not ashamed to make such speeches?

MOSI.  Till you die I will not let you rest.  As long as you live I will gnaw at you like a worm, for you deserve it for your villany.  What!  Haven’t you committed every crime?  You robbed your brother of his inheritance; you cheated your partner; you have repudiated debts, and held others to false debts.  Haven’t you set your neighbors’ stores on fire?  If people knew everything they would hang you.  But the world is stone-blind, and so you walk God’s earth in peace.  Good-by!  I would like to go to Ossep and warn him against you; for if he falls into your clutches he is lost.


BARSSEGH.  Yes, yes; go and never come back.

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