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MOSI.  That’s the way with all mankind.  They never appreciate good intentions. [Pointing to Micho.] I only wanted to make something of him.  Go, go, my son, be a man!  Learn from your master!  You surely see how much money he has scraped together! [To Barssegh:] How is it about eating?  It’s time for dinner!  Have the table set; I have come as a guest.  What have you to-day?  Coal-soup, perhaps, or water-soup?  Yes, yes; you will entertain me finely!  Ha, ha!

BARSSEGH [aside].  This confounded fellow is drunk again! [To Micho:]
Get out of the room!
                    [Exit Micho middle door.


MOSI.  From this stuff you can make a shroud for yourself.  To-day or to-morrow you must die, that’s sure.

BARSSEGH.  You’d better be still!
                    [Enter Khali at left.

KHALI.  Do you know the latest?

BARSSEGH.  What has happened?

KHALI.  What has happened?  Marmarow was betrothed yesterday.


KHALI.  By heaven!

BARSSEGH.  To whom?

KHALI.  To the daughter of Ossep Gulabianz.

BARSSEGH.  Is that really true?

KHALI.  Do you think I am lying?  They promised him 10,000 rubles dowry.  I always said you should have saved something.  Now you have it!  They have snatched him away from you.  And such a man, too!  They puff themselves up entirely too much.  Where did they get the money, I would like to know?
                    [Micho appears at the middle door.

BARSSEGH.  Run right off down to the Tapitach.[45] You know where Ossep
Gulabianz’s store is?

[45] A district of Tiflis.

MICHO.  Gulabianz?  The one who brought money to-day?

BARSSEGH.  Yes, that one.  Go and look for him wherever he is likely to be.  Tell him he must bring the rest of the money at once.  Now, run quickly.  What else do I want to say?  Oh, yes [pointing to the calico]; take that winding-sheet with you.

MOSI.  Ha, ha, ha!  Listen to him!

BARSSEGH.  By heaven!  What am I chattering about?  I am crazed! [Angrily, to Micho:] What are you gaping at?  Do you hear?  Take this calico.  Go to the store and tell Dartscho to come here.  Lively, now!
                    [Exit Micho with goods.

BARSSEGH [going on].  I would like to see how he is going to give 10,000 rubles dowry.  I would like to know whose money it is?

KHALI.  That stuck-up Salome has gotten my son-in-law away from me.

BARSSEGH.  Never mind.  I will soon put them into a hole.

MOSI.  Oh, don’t brag about things you can’t perform.  What has Ossep done to you that you want revenge?  How can Ossep help it if your daughter is as dumb as straw and has a mouth three ells long?  And what have Micho’s ears to do with it?  You should simply have given what the man asked.

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