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CHACHO [continuing].  God grant that your first may be a boy!  Love and respect each other!  May the eye of the Czar look down on you with mercy! [Sees Ossep.] Let the father now offer you his good wishes.

SALOME.  Dear Ossep, congratulate your daughter.

NATO.  Dear papa!
                    [Goes up to Ossep and kisses his hand.  Ossep stands

ALEXANDER [seizing Ossep’s hand].  From now on, dear father, count me among your children. [Turning to Nato offended:] What is this?

SALOME.  Don’t be impolite, Ossep.

CHACHO.  What has happened to you, Ossep?

ALEXANDER [to Salome].  I understand nothing of this. [To Ossep:] My father, you seem dissatisfied.

OSSEP [recovering himself].  I dissatisfied!  No—­yes—­I am dizzy.

ALEXANDER [offering him a chair].  Sit down, I pray, my father.

OSSEP [to Alexander].  Do not trouble yourself.  It is already passed.

SALOME.  Can one meet his son-in-law like that?  And such a son-in-law, beside!  Say something, do.

OSSEP.  What shall I say, then?  You have consummated the betrothal.  God grant that all will end well. [To Alexander:] Please be seated.

ALEXANDER.  My father, when do you wish the betrothal to be celebrated?

OSSEP.  That depends upon you.  Do as you wish.

ALEXANDER.  I will invite twenty persons and bring them with me.  My superiors I must invite also; it would not do to omit them.

OSSEP.  Do as you see fit.

ALEXANDER [to Salome].  Perhaps he is angry with me.  If there is any reason for it, pray tell me now.

SALOME.  What are you saying?  That cannot be!
                    [They move away a little and speak softly together.

OSSEP [on the other side of the stage to Chacho].  You Godforsaken! 
Could you not wait a moment?

CHACHO.  What is the matter now?

OSSEP.  Only God in heaven knows how I stand!  Think of it!  Santurian has failed.

CHACHO.  Great heaven!

ALEXANDER [offering Nato his arm].  Something must have happened!
                    [They go off at the left, Salome following.

OSSEP.  Righteous God, why dost thou punish me thus?

SALOME [returning to Ossep].  Do with me as you will, but it could not have been helped.  I have promised him 7,000 rubles as dowry, [Turning to Chacho as she leaves the room:] Pray come with me, aunt.  You come, too, Ossep.
                    [Exit Salome.


OSSEP [much excited].  What do I hear?  Has she spoken the truth?  Do you hear?  Why do you not answer me?  Why are you silent? [Still more excited.] It is true, then!  Yes, yes, I see that it is true!  O God, let lightning strike this unlucky house that we may all die together.  I have just lost an important sum and come home to prevent further negotiations.  And see there!

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