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  Wood-cut (see Colour print)
  Wool (see Felt)
  World Wars
  Women rights
  Writing, invention (see Script)
  Wu, empress
  Wuch’ang, city (see Hankow)
  Wu Ching-tz[)u], writer
  Wu-huan, tribal federation
  Wu P’ei-fu, war lord
  Wu San-kui, general
  Wu Shih-fan, ruler
  Wu-sun, tribal group
  Wu Tai (Five Dynasties period)
  Wu Tao-tz[)u], painter
  Wu (Ti), Han ruler
    Chin ruler
    Liang ruler
  Wu Tsung, Manchu ruler
  Wu Wang, Chou ruler
  wu-wei, philosophical term

  Yakub beg, ruler
  Yamato, part of Japan
  Yang, clan
  Yang Chien, ruler (see Wen Ti)
  Yang (Kui-fei), concubine
  Yang-shao, archaeological site
  Yang Ti, Sui ruler
  Yao, mythical ruler
    tribes in South China
  Yarkand, city in Turkestan
  Yeh (K’ai-feng), city
  Yeh-ta (see Ephtalites)
  Yehe-Nara, tribe
  Yellow Turbans, secret society
  Yeh-lue Ch’u-ts’ai, politician
  Yen, state
    Earlier Yen dynasty
    Later Yen dynasty
    Western Yen dynasty
  Yen-an, city
  Yen Fu, translator
  Yen Hsi-shan, war lord
  Yen-ta (Altan), ruler
  Yen-t’ieh-lun (Discourses on Salt and Iron), book
  Yin Chung-k’an, general
  Yin-ch’ue, city
  Yin and Yang, philosophical terms
  Ying Tsung, Manchu ruler
  Yo Fei, general
  Yue Liang, general
  Yue-wen, tribal group
  Yuean Chen
  Yuean Chi, philosopher
  Yuean Mei, writer
  Yuean Shao, general
  Yuean Shih-k’ai, general and president
  Yuean Ti, Han ruler
    Chin ruler
  Yueeh, tribal group and area
  Yueeh-chih, Indo-European-speaking ethnic group
  Yuen-kang, caves
  Yuennan (Yuen-nan), province
  Yung-cheng, reign period
  Yung-lo, reign period

  Zen Buddhism (see Ch’an)
  Zoroaster, founder of religion

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