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  Abahai, ruler
  Absolutism (see Despotism, Dictator, Emperor, Monarchy)
  Academia Sinica
    (see Army, Feudalism, Bureaucracy)
  Adobe (Mud bricks)
    Origin of;
    of Shang;
    shifting (denshiring)
    (see Wheat, Millet, Rice, Plough, Irrigation, Manure, Canals,
  An Ti, ruler of Han
  Ainu, tribes
  Ala-shan mountain range
  Alchemy (see Elixir)
  Alexander the Great
  America (see United States)
  Amithabha, god
  Amur, river
  An Chi-yeh, rebel
  An Lu-shan, rebel
  Ancestor, cult
  Aniko, sculptor
  Animal style
  Annam (Vietnam)
  Anyang (Yin-ch’ue)
  Aristocracy (see Nobility, Feudalism)
  Army, cost of;
    organization of;
    size of;
    (see War, Militia, tu-tu, pu-ch’ue)
  Art, Buddhist (see Animal style, Architecture, Pottery, Painting,
    Sculpture, Wood-cut)
  Arthashastra, book, attributed to Kautilya
    Organizations of
    (see Guilds, Craftsmen)
  Assimilation (see Colonization)
  Avars, tribe (see Juan-juan)
  Axes, prehistoric
  Axis, policy

  Baghdad, city
  Balasagun, city
  Banner organization
  Barbarians (Foreigners)
  Beg, title
  Boat festival
  Bokhara (Bukhara), city
  Bon, religion
  Bondsmen (see pu-ch’ue, Serfs, Feudalism)
  Book, printing;
    B burning
  Boettger, inventor
  Boxer rebellion
  Brahmans, Indian caste
  Brain drain
  Bronze (see Metal, Copper)
  Brothel (Tea-house)
    (see Ch’an, Vinaya, Sects, Amithabha, Maitreya, Hinayana,
  Mahayana, Monasteries, Church, Pagoda, Monks, Lamaism)
  Budget (see Treasury, Inflation, Deflation)
    religious B
    (see Administration; Army)
  Burgher (liang-min)
  Businessmen (see Merchants, Trade)

  Calcutta, city
  Caliph (Khaliph)
    Imperial C
    (see Irrigation)
  Canton (Kuang-chou), city
  Capital of Empire (see Ch’ang-an, Sian, Loyang, etc.)
  Capitalism (see Investments, Banks, Money, Economy, etc.)
  Capitulations (privileges of foreign nations)

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