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Chapter I:  Prehistory

1 Sources for the earliest history 2 The Peking Man 3 The Palaeolithic Age 4 The Neolithic Age 5 The eight principal prehistoric cultures 6 The Yang-shao culture 7 The Lung-shan culture 8 The first petty States in Shansi

Chapter II:  The shang dynasty (c. 1600-1028 B.C.)

1 Period, origin, material culture
2 Writing and Religion
3 Transition to feudalism


Chapter III:  The chou dynasty (c. 1028-257 B.C.)

1 Cultural origin of the Chou and end of the Shang dynasty 2 Feudalism in the new empire 3 Fusion of Chou and Shang 4 Limitation of the imperial power 5 Changes in the relative strength of the feudal states 6 Confucius 7 Lao Tz[)u]

Chapter IV:  The contending states (481-256 B.C.): 
Dissolution of the feudal system

  1 Social and military changes
  2 Economic changes
  3 Cultural changes

Chapter V:  The ch’in dynasty (256-207 B.C.)

1 Towards the unitary State
2 Centralization in every field
3 Frontier Defence.  Internal collapse


Chapter VI:  The han dynasty (206 B.C.-A.D. 220)

1 Development of the gentry-state
2 Situation of the Hsiung-nu empire; its relation to the
Han empire.  Incorporation of South China
3 Brief feudal reaction.  Consolidation of the gentry
4 Turkestan policy.  End of the Hsiung-nu empire
5 Impoverishment.  Cliques.  End of the Dynasty
6 The pseudo-socialistic dictatorship.  Revolt of the “Red Eyebrows”
7 Reaction and Restoration:  the Later Han dynasty
8 Hsiung-nu policy
9 Economic situation.  Rebellion of the “Yellow Turbans”. 
Collapse of the Han dynasty
10 Literature and Art

Chapter VII:  The epoch of the first division of china (A.D. 220-580)

    (A) The three kingdoms (A.D. 220-265)
  1 Social, intellectual, and economic problems during the
    period of the first division
  2 Status of the two southern Kingdoms
  3 The northern State of Wei

    (B) The Western Chin dynasty (265-317)
  1 Internal situation in the Chin empire
  2 Effect on the frontier peoples
  3 Struggles for the throne
  4 Migration of Chinese
  5 Victory of the Huns.  The Hun Han dynasty
    (later renamed the Earlier Chao dynasty)

    (C) The alien empires in North China, down to the Toba
       (A.D. 317-385)
  1 The Later Chao dynasty in eastern North China (Hun; 329-352)
  2 Earlier Yen dynasty in the north-east (proto-Mongol; 352-370),
    and the Earlier Ch’in dynasty in all north China (Tibetan; 351-394)
  3 The fragmentation of north China
  4 Sociological analysis of the two great alien empires
  5 Sociological analysis of the petty States
  6 Spread of Buddhism

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