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              Fern.  New York Fern. 
August 25.  Broad Beech Fern. 
August 30.  Marsh Fern. 
September 5.  Bracken or Brake. 
September 10.  Climbing Fern.  Narrow-leaved Spleenwort. 
September 15.  Massachusetts Fern.  Green Spleenwort.  Sensitive
              Fern.  Ternate Grape Fern. 
September 30.  Narrow-leaved Chain Fern.


ACUMINATE.  Gradually tapering to a point. 
ACULEATE.  Prickly.  Beset with prickles. 
ACUTE.  Sharp pointed, but not tapering. 
ADVENTITIOUS.  Irregular, incidental.  Growing out
              of the usual or normal position. 
ANASTOMOSING.  Connected by cross veins and forming
              a network as in the Sensitive
ANNULUS.  A jointed, elastic ring surrounding
              the spore cases in most ferns. 
ANTHERIDIA.  The male organs on a prothallium. 
APEX The top or pointed end of leaf or frond. (plu.  APICES). 
ARCHEGONIA.  The female organs on a prothallium. 
AREOLA.  A space formed by intersecting
              veins; a mesh. 
AURICLE.  An ear-shaped lobe at the base. 
ARTICULATE.  Jointed; having a joint or node. 
AXIL.  The angle formed by a leaf or
              branch with the stem. 
BI (Latin, Two, twice, doubly. bis, twice). 
BLADE.  The expanded, leafy portion of a frond. 
BULBLET.  A small bulb, borne on a leaf or in
              its axil. 
CAUDATE.  With a slender, tail-like appendage. 
CAUDEX.  A trunk or stock of a plant; especially
              of a tree fern. 
CHAFF.  Thin, dry scales of a yellowish-brown
CHLOROPHYLL.  The green coloring matter of plants. 
CILIATE.  Fringed with fine hairs. 
CIRCINATE.  Coiled downward from the apex, as
              in the young fronds of a fern. 
CLAVATE.  Club-shaped. 
COMPOUND.  Divided into two or more parts. 
CONFLUENT.  Blended together. 
CORDATE.  Heart-shaped. 
CRENATE.  Scalloped with rounded teeth; said of margins. 
CROSIER.  An uncoiling frond. 
CUNEATE.  Wedge-shaped. 
CUSPIDATE.  Hard pointed, tipped with a cusp. 
DECIDUOUS.  Falling away when done growing—­not evergreen. 
DECOMPOUND.  More than once compounded or divided. 
DECURRENT.  Running down the stem below the
              point of insertion, as the bases of some pinnae. 
DECUMBENT.  Not erect; trailing, bending along
              the ground, but with the apex ascending. 
DEFLEXED. Bent or turned abruptly downward. 
DENTATE.  Toothed.  Having the teeth of a
              margin directed outward. 
DICHOTOMOUS.  Forking regularly in pairs. 
DIMORPHOUS.  Of two forms; said of ferns whose

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