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  “Fringing the stream at every turn,
  Swung low the waving fronds of fern.” 


  “Ah! well I mind the calendar
  Faithful through a thousand years
  Of the painted race of flowers.”—­EMERSON.

Compiled from Dodge’s “Ferns and Fern Allies of New England”

May 25.  Little Grape Fern.  Interrupted Fern. 
May 30.  Cinnamon Fern. 
June 5.  Ostrich Fern. 
June 10.  Frondosa variety of Cinnamon Fern. 
June 15.  Matricary Grape Fern. 
June 20.  Royal Fern.  Interrupted Fern. 
June 25.  Rattlesnake Fern. 
June 30.  Oak Fern.  Spinulose Wood Fern and Varieties. 
July 5.  Fragile Bladder Fern.  Christmas Fern. 
July 10.  Long Beech Fern.  Crested Shield Fern.  Boott’s
              Shield Fern. 
July 15.  Moonwort.  Virginia Chain Fern.  Adder’s
              Tongue.  Crested Marginal Shield Fern. 
July 20.  Slender Cliff Brake.  Blunt-Lobed Woodsia. 
July 25.  Purple Cliff Brake.  Bulblet Bladder Fern. 
              Mountain Spleen wort. 
July 30.  Goldie’s Shield Fern.  Marginal Shield Fern. 
              Clinton’s Wood Fern. 
August 5.  Wall Rue.  Walking Fern.  Lady Fern. 
August 10.  Alpine Woodsia.  Smooth Woodsia.  Common
              Polypody.  Maidenhair Fern.  Fragrant
              Shield Fern.  Scott’s Spleenwort.  Braun’s
              Holly Fern. 
August 15.  Rusty Woodsia.  Silvery Spleen wort.  Lance-leaved
              Grape Fern. 
August 20.  Ebony and Maidenhair Spleenworts. 

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