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Oi niver in me loife have seen sich char-r-min’ illycution,
The gistures av thim wid their fists was grand in ixecution;
We tried to be impar-r-tial, so no favoroite we made,
But jist sicked them on tergither, yis indade, yis indade. 
And nayther wan was half convinced whin Sar-r-gint Leary came,
Wid near a dozen other cops, and stopped the purty game;
But niver did Oi see dhress-suits in sich a mortial state
As thim the or-r-ators had on at our big j’int debate.

Ho, ho!  Begorra!  Oi wisht that ye’d been there! 
Ho, ho!  Begorra!  The foight was on the square
  Ter see the wagon goin’ off, wid thim two on the sate!—­
Oi ’d loike ter shtroike, ’twixt Dan and Moilce,
  Another j’int debate.

* * * * *


Say, I’ve got a little brother,
Never teased to have him, nuther,
  But he’s here;
They just went ahead and bought him,
And, last week the doctor brought him,
  Wa’n’t that queer?

When I heard the news from Molly,
Why, I thought at first ’t was jolly,
  ’Cause, you see,
I s’posed I could go and get him
And then Mama, course, would let him
  Play with me.

But when I had once looked at him,
“Why!” I says, “My sakes, is that him? 
  Just that mite!”
They said, “Yes,” and, “Ain’t he cunnin’?”
And I thought they must be funnin’,—­
  He’s a sight!

[Illustration:  “Why’d they buy a baby brother,
When they know I’d good deal ruther
Have a dog?”]

He’s so small, it’s just amazin’,
And you ‘d think that he was blazin’,
  He’s so red;
And his nose is like a berry,
And he’s bald as Uncle Jerry
  On his head.

Why, he isn’t worth a dollar! 
All he does is cry and holler
  More and more;
Won’t sit up—­you can’t arrange him,—­
I don’t see why Pa do’n’t change him
  At the store.

Now we’ve got to dress and feed him,
And we really didn’t need him
  More ’n a frog;
Why’d they buy a baby brother,
When they know I’d good deal ruther
  Have a dog?

* * * * *


Me and Billy’s in the woodshed; Ma said, “Run outdoors and play;
Be good boys and don’t be both’rin’, till the company’s gone away.” 
She and sister Mary’s hustlin’, settin’ out the things for tea,
And the parlor’s full of women, such a crowd you never see;
Every one a-cuttin’ patchwork or a-sewin’ up a seam,
And the way their tongues is goin’, seems as if they went by steam. 
Me and Billy’s been a-listenin’ and, I tell you what, it beats
Circus day to hear ’em gabbin’, when the Sewin’ Circle meets.

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