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THE LIFE-SAVER, “He’s a hero born and bred, but it hasn’t swelled his head.”

The Bullfrog serenade,
“With the big green-coated leader’s double-bass.”

The old daguerreotypes,
“Grandpa’s collar a show.”

Our first fire-crackers,
“Do yer ’member how yer fired ’em, slow and
careful, one by one?”

Hezekiah’s Art,
“I swan, he did look like a daisy!”

The school-committee man,
“‘And with—­ahem—­er—­as I said before.’”

When the minister comes to tea,
“He sets and says it’s lovely.”

The village Oracle,
“’Well now, I vum!  I know, by gum! 
I’m right because I be!’”

The ballad of MCCARTY’S trombone,
Toot—­tetoot toot—­toot—­toot—­dells!’”

His new brother,
“Why’d they buy a baby brother,
When they know I’d good deal ruther
Have a dog?”

A college training,
“‘That was jolly, Guv’nor, now we’ll practice every day.’”

A Thanksgiving dream,
“He stood up on his drumsticks.”

The popular song,
“The washwoman sings it all wrong.”

Matildy’s beau,
“I recollect I spent an hour a-tyin’ my cravat.”

My old gray nag,
“He ain’t the sort that the big-bugs sport”

May memories,
“Oh, the lazy days of boyhood, when the
world was fair and new!”

Ninety-eight in the shade,
“Collar kerflummoxed all over my neck.”

November’s come,
“Hey, you swelled-up turkey feller!”

The ant and the Grasshopper,
“The Grasshopper wore his summer clothes,
And stood there kicking his frozen toes.”

The light-keeper,
“It seems ter me that’s all there is: 
jest do your duty right.”

The reg’lar Army man,”
“They ain’t no tears shed over him
When he goes off ter war.”

A rainy day,
“‘Settin’ ’round and dreamin’.”

“Seem to see her tucked in bed,
With the kitten’s furry head
Peekin’ out.”



Where leap the long Atlantic swells
  In foam-streaked stretch of hill and dale,
Where shrill the north-wind demon yells,
  And flings the spindrift down the gale;
Where, beaten ’gainst the bending mast,
  The frozen raindrop clings and cleaves,
With steadfast front for calm or blast
  His battered schooner rocks and heaves.

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