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Henry Murray
This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 564 pages of information about Lands of the Slave and the Free.

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To those who are amateurs of the rifle, I would recommend a pamphlet, written by Chapman, and published in New York; it is chiefly intended for those who delight in the infantine or octogenarian amusement of peppering a target, but it also contains many points of interest.  Among other subjects discussed are the following:—­The quantity of twist requisite in a rifle barrel—­the gaining twist, as opposed to Mr. Greener, and the decreasing twist—­the size of ball best suited to different distances—­the swedge, by which a ball, being cast rather larger than requisite, is compressed into a more solid mass—­the powder to use, decreasing in size of the grain in proportion to the diminishing length of barrel—­the loading muzzle, by which the lips of the grooves are preserved as sharp as a razor, &c.  The pamphlet can easily be procured through Messrs. Appleton, of New York and London.




[Footnote CP:  The miles of distance may not be quite exact, but the miles of wire may be depended upon.]

[Footnote CQ:  The trial between the Enfield and the Whitworth rifles cannot be yet considered conclusive, as there was a difference in the bore of the rifles, and also Mr. Whitworth used a different kind of ball for penetration to that used for long range.]

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