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same charge of venality and corruption meets us again.  Our merchants are accused of all sorts of dishonest management; our brokers, of stock-jobbing; our city aldermen, of bribery; our lawyers, of knavery; our justices, of complicity with the guilty.  The same worship of Mammon seems to govern the whole, and the current phrase, ‘the almighty dollar,’ is a sad but powerful exponent of the universal sin which involves the mass of our population.”

Being perfectly aware what a “glass house” of corruption we ourselves are living in, I do not quote the foregoing by way of “throwing a stone,” but insert it merely as a warning of the direction in which we should not seek for an advance in purification.


[Footnote CB:  Why is it that, in our yearly debate in Parliament, and in all the journals of the day, from the Times down even to the Morning Advertiser, the United States are always quoted as a republic where the ballot succeeds, when there is no excuse for the most commonly educated man being ignorant of the fact, that the ballot, as understood in this country, does not exist among them?  To their honour be it said, they hold secret voting in sovereign contempt.]

[Footnote CC:  The Ballot, by the Rev. SYDNEY SMITH. 1839.]

[Footnote CD:  This expression, both in America and England, is tantamount to—­for life.]

[Footnote CE:  Vide ante, opinion of New York Press upon the trial of Matthew F. Ward.]

[Footnote CF: 

G. Washington       1789
J. Adams            1797
T. Jefferson        1801
J. Madison          1809
J. Munroe           1817
J.Q.  Adams          1825
A. Jackson          1829
M. Van Buren        1837
W.H.  Harrison       1841
J. Tyler            1841
J.K.  Polk           1845
Z. Taylor           1849
M. Fillmore         1850
F. Pierce           1853]


The Church, the School, and the Law.

Although the Church has no connexion with the State, it must ever be a most important element in any Christian community.  I therefore furnish a table of the various denominations, so as to enable the reader, at a glance, to get the particular information he may desire.  Some of the denominations given in this table are, of course, again divided into other sects, such as “Reformed Methodists,” “Episcopal Methodists,” “Wesleyan Methodists,” “Six Principle Baptists,” “Seventh-Day Baptists,” “Anti-mission Baptists,” &c.

Denominations.  Number of Aggregate Total Value
Churches.  Accommodation. of
Church Property. 
Baptists 8791 3,130,878 2,295,590
Christian 812 296,050 177,621
Congregational 1674 795,177 1,674,532

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