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house, where, under the influence of glorious old Madeira—­P. had just finished dinner—­and most undeniable claret, the past was soon buried in the present; and by the time I had knocked the first ash off one of his best “prensados,” the stray luggage returned from the involuntary trip it had made on its own account.  What a goodly cheery thing is hospitality, when it flows pure from a warm heart; nor does it lose aught in my estimation when viewed through the medium of a first-rate cellar and the social “Havana.”

Time progresses—­small hours approach—­the front door shuts behind some of the guests—­six-foot-two of animal life may be seen going up-stairs with a bed-candle; the latter is soon out, and your humble servant is snug in the former.—­Reader, good-night!


Education, Civil and Military.

Having said so much of education in other cities, I will only observe, that in regard to common schools, New York is on a par with most of her rivals in this noble strife for superiority; but I must ask those who are interested in the subject to give me their attention while I enter into a few details connected with their admirable Free Academy.  The object of this institution is to combine—­under one system and under one roof—­high school, academy, polytechnic, and college, and to furnish as good an education as can be obtained by passing through each of those places of instruction separately.  All this free of cost!

A sum of 10,000l. was authorized for the building, and 4000l. annually for its support.  The course of instruction is divided into thirteen departments, with a professor at the head of each, aided by tutors where necessary; the whole under a principal, with a salary of 500l. a year, who is at the same time professor of moral, intellectual, and political philosophy.  The salaries of the other professors average 300l. a year, those of the tutors 100l.  The course of study embraces all that is taught at the four different places of education before-named.  The student is allowed to make his selection between the classical languages and the modern—­French, Spanish, and German.  The whole course occupies five years.  The requisites for admission are, that the applicant be thirteen years old, living in the city of New York, and have attended the common schools for eighteen months; besides which he is required to pass a moderate examination.  The number of students at present is about 350, but they will doubtless increase.  If to the annual expenses of the institution be added the interest at six per cent, on the outlay, the instruction given will be found to cost the inconceivably small sum of 13l. 5s. per scholar, including books, stationery, and etceteras.

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