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the box.  In the most deliberate manner he pointed his weapon, amidst encouraging shouts from bystanders, and increasing zeal on the part of the pumpers; lucidly the windows were closed, or the ladies would have been drenched; as it was, the gushing stream rattled against the carriage, then fixed itself steadily upon poor Jehu, frightening the horses and nearly knocking him off the box.  Naturally enough Jehu was highly incensed, and pulled up; then getting off the box, he walked up to his assailants, who received him with shouts of laughter; the horses, left without a ruler, started off at a gallop, Jehu ran after them, but luckily another person and myself rushed up, and stopped them before any accident occurred.

All this took place at noonday, and not a voice was raised against it.  If I had presumed to interfere with this liberty of the subject, the chances are I should have been tied to one of the posts of the market-place and made to stand target for an hour.  It must be a charming thing when the masses rule supreme.  Fancy St. James’s-street, upon a drawing-room day, full of a pleasant little water-dispensing community such as this;—­what cheers they would raise as a good shot took off some Jarvy’s cocked-hat and bob-wig, or sent his eighteen-inch-diameter bouquet flying into the street!—­then what fun to play upon the padded calves and silk stockings of Patagonian John, as he stood behind!—­and only imagine the immense excitement, if by good luck they could smash some window and deluge a live aristocrat!  What a nice thing a pure democracy must be! how the majority must enjoy themselves! how the minority must rejoice at the mild rule of bone over brain!  What a glorious idea, equality! only excelled by that gigantic conception of Messrs. Cobden and Co., yclept the Peace Society, upon which such a bloody comment was enacted before Sevastopol.


[Footnote AD:  General Cadwallader, whose hospitality is well known to all strangers visiting Philadelphia.]

[Footnote AE:  Alas! she has since met a melancholy death, being accidentally poisoned in Mexico, on the 18th of June, 1854; but her fame is as imperishable as her life was stainless.]

[Footnote AF:  The origin of ten-pins is amusing enough, and is as follows:—­The State having passed an act, during a time when religious fervour was at high pressure, prohibiting nine-pin alleys, a tenth pin was added, and the law evaded.  In the meantime, high pressure went below the boiling point, and the ten-pin alley remains to this day, an amusement for the people, and a warning to indiscreet legislators.]

[Footnote AG:  The commercial prosperity of South Carolina appears to be increasing steadily, if not rapidly.  The cotton produce was—­

In 1847.      In 1852. 
Bales, main land     336,562       472,338
Ditto, sea islands    13,529        20,500
-------       -------
Total                350,091       492,838
-------       -------

Rice in 1847 146,260 tierces. 
Do. in 1852 137,497 ditto.

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