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Grumpy Grundy, the Owl, was a very cross old creature, and if everything did not go to suit her all the time, she hooted and howled; in fact she had cried so much she had made large red rings around her eyes.

When Tilly and Timothy Toad and Eddie Elf and Gerty Gartersnake and Wallie Woodpecker and Billie Bumblebee and Winnie Woodchuck arrived at Grumpy Grundy’s place they heard merry laughter and whenever the laughter ceased, they heard the buzz and rattle and hum of Willie Woodchuck’s rattle.

So they went inside.

And there was Willie Woodchuck with the beautiful yellow and red and blue and black and white rattle, and when he rattled it Grumpy Grundy rolled on the floor and laughed until the tears ran from her eyes.

So they all lifted Grumpy Grundy on a chair and wiped her eyes and what do you think! the red rings around them were wiped away and she looked young and pretty again.

“Oh dear!” said Grumpy Grundy, the Owl.  “I have never enjoyed myself so much before, and I will never be grumpy and be called a Grundy again!  No sir! never!” and her eyes twinkled with merriment.

And all were greatly pleased at the great change in Grumpy Grundy.

Eddie Elf laughed, Tilly and Timothy Toad chuckled, Gerty Gartersnake giggled, Wallie Woodpecker beat a tattoo on wood, Billie Bumblebee buzzed and Winnie Woodchuck sang a woodchuck song.

And after that no one could say that Willie Woodchuck had nothing else to do, for he spent his time making beautiful “happy rattles” which he gave away to all the creatures, and everyone laughed and made merry whenever they heard the beautiful yellow and red and blue and black and white rattles which rattled so beautifully and drove away the grumpies.




One morning Marjorie’s Mamma called to her several times before Marjorie answered, for her pretty brown eyes were very sleepy and would hardly stay open.

“Come, dear!  Please hurry, for I want you to run to the grocery before breakfast!” Mamma called from the foot of the stairs.

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Marjorie, “I don’t want to get up!” and keeping her head on the pillow just as long as she could Marjorie crawled out of bed backwards.

Her clothes were scattered about the room and her stockings were turned inside out.  Her dress would not fasten and she cried, so that Mamma had to come upstairs and dress her.

So you see Marjorie’s day began all wrong, for everything started topsy-turvy.

“Now hurry, dear!” Mamma said as she handed Marjorie the basket.

Marjorie slammed the door as she went out and she was so cross she did not notice the beautiful sunshine nor hear the pretty songs which greeted her from the tree tops.

“It’s so far to the old store!” Marjorie grumbled to herself, as she pouted her pretty lips and shuffled her feet along the path.

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