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So Thumbkins ran to the woods where he knew the mushrooms grew, and breaking off the largest one he could find he carried it to where Mamma Meadow-Lark sat sleeping upon her nest, and planted it so the raindrops rolled off the round roof and did not touch her at all.

Then, shivering himself, for he was soaking wet, he ran home as fast as he could, took off his dripping clothes, put on his little pajamas, and climbed into his warm little cozy cobweb bed.

Now of course Thumbkins was happy because he had helped another, and when a person is happy there is nothing to worry about, and when there is nothing to worry about, of course there is nothing to keep one awake.

So Thumbkins fell fast asleep and dreamed the most pleasant dreams.

And they were such happy dreams Thumbkins slept until almost half-past eight the next morning.




The stove lifter lay upon his iron side and looked across the top of the shelf which stood above the stove.  “Who is he?” he asked of the box of matches lying near him.

The box of matches looked at the strange new object standing upon two thin white legs and leaning against the wall near the coffee pot.

“I do not know!” the match box answered.

Then they asked a number of other objects lying about if they knew who the newcomer was, but none of them had ever seen anything like him before.

When the new two-legged object with the bald head heard everyone whispering he felt they were talking about him, and he stepped out where all might see him, and walked up and down the shelf at the back of the stove.

The stove lifter, the match box and all the other objects watched him with interest as he strutted back and forth.

At last the new object stood still and with his head thrown back he said:  “I am a wish-bone, but as none of you know what a wishbone is, I shall tell you!  A wishbone is an object of great importance in this world.  Some of us come from the breasts of chickens and some from the breasts of turkeys.  When we are placed above a doorsill in a house, we bring good luck!”

“Don’t the people in the house here wish good luck?” asked the match box.

“What a silly question!” replied the wishbone, “Anyone could easily see you do not know much!”

“Then why didn’t they place you above the door?” asked the stove lifter.

“Because I have greater qualities than bringing good luck!” the wishbone answered.  “The children placed me here to dry, for they have heard that I make wishes come true!  And if you keep your eyes and ears open you will see just what a great object a wishbone really is!”



All the other objects upon the shelf on the back of the stove held their breaths to think such an important object deigned to talk to them.

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