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C. She decided to send a standing or permanent army to America to take possession of the new territory and defend the colonies.

2.  A part of the cost of keeping up this army she decided to meet by taxing the colonists.  This she had never done before.

3.  The chief tax was the stamp duty on paper, vellum, etc.  This the colonists refused to pay, and Parliament repealed it.

4.  The colonists having denied the right of Parliament to tax them, that body determined to establish its right and passed the “Townshend Acts.”  But the colonists refused to buy British goods, and Parliament repealed all the Townshend duties except that on tea.

5.  As the Americans would not order tea from London, the East India Company was allowed to send it.  But the people in the five cities to which the tea was sent destroyed it or sent it back.

6.  Parliament thereupon attempted to punish Massachusetts and passed the Intolerable Acts.

7.  These acts led to the calling and the meeting of the First Continental Congress.

France                                         Spain
/----------------\                                /-------\
Cape Breton.                                       Florida
Louisiana east of
the Mississippi.
and cuts the new territory (1763) into
Province of Quebec,
East Florida,
West Florida,
Indian country,
and draws proclamation line
limiting colonies in the west.
New colonial policy necessary.
Country to be defended by 10,000 royal troops. 
Cost of troops to be paid
Partly by crown.                  Partly by colonies.
Share of colonies to be raised by
Enforcing acts of trade and navigation. 
Taxes on sugar and molasses. 
Stamp tax (1765).
-\ Resisted.  Principle involved.  Action of Virginia and Massachusetts.  Stamp Act Congress.  Act repealed (1766).  Declaratory Act (1766). --------------- / \ | | Glass. | | | Red and white lead. | --------------- | Painters’ colors | Resisted and repealed (1770) Townshend Acts | Paper. | (1767). | Tea. / \ /--------^-------\ Enforced.  Resisted (1773).  Resistance / \ punished by | Five Intoler- | Continental | able Acts. | Congress called(1774). \ /



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