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%53.  The Thirteen English Colonies.%—­Thus it came about that between 1606 and 1733 thirteen English colonies were planted on the Atlantic seaboard of what is now the United States.  Naming them from north to south, they were:  1.  New Hampshire, with no definite western boundary; 2.  Massachusetts, which owned Maine and a strip of territory across the continent; 3.  Rhode Island, with her present bounds; 4.  Connecticut, with a great tract of land extending to the Pacific; 5.  New York, with undefined bounds; 6.  New Jersey; 7.  Pennsylvania and 8.  Delaware, the property of the Penn family; 9.  Maryland, the property of the heirs of Lord Baltimore; 10.  Virginia, with claims to a great part of North America; 11.  North Carolina, 12.  South Carolina, and 13.  Georgia, all with claims to the Pacific.


1.  The English seized New Netherland (1664), giving it to the Duke of York; and the Duke, after establishing the province of New York, gave New Jersey to two of his friends, and sold the three counties on the Delaware to William Penn.

2.  Meanwhile the King granted Penn what is now Pennsylvania (1681).

3.  The Carolinas were first chartered as one proprietary colony, but were sold back to the King and finally separated in 1729.

4.  Georgia, the last of the thirteen English colonies, was granted to Oglethorpe and others as a refuge for poor debtors (1732).




1579.  Gilbert.
1584. }Ralegh, Roanoke Island.
1587. }


1606.  London Company, Plymouth Company.
1607.  Virginia settled.
1609.  Boundary of London Company changed.  Origin of
Virginia claim.
1620.  Landing of the Pilgrims.  Plymouth colony.
1622.  Grant to Mason and Gorges.
1628.  Land bought for Massachusetts Bay colony.
1629.  Mason and Gorges divide their grant into Maine
and New Hampshire.
1632.  Maryland patent granted.
1639.  Connecticut constitution
(Windsor.  Hartford.  Wethersfield)
1643.  New Haven colony organized
(New Haven.  Milford.  Guilford.  Stamford.)
1643.  Rhode Island chartered.
1662.  Connecticut chartered. 
(Connecticut.  New Haven.)
1663.  Rhode Island rechartered.
1663.  Carolina patent granted. 
After 1729 North and South Carolina.
1664.  New Netherland conquered and New York founded.
1664.  New Jersey granted to Berkeley and Carteret.
1681.  Pennsylvania granted to Penn.
1682.  Three counties on the Delaware bought by Penn.
1691.  Plymouth and Maine (and Nova Scotia)
united with Massachusetts.
1732.  Georgia chartered.

   1613.  Begin to colonize New Netherland

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