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Abolition, laws;
  opposition to;
  Compromise Bill;
  issue of Civil War. 
Acadia, extent of;
  struggle for. 
Act, of 1870;
  of 1873;
  of 1875.
Adams, Alvin. 
Adams, Charles F.
Adams, John, defends soldiers;
  Declaration of Independence;
  negotiates treaty;
  vice president;
Adams, John Quincy, opposes European colonization;
  presidential nominee;
  opposed to slavery. 
Adams, John Q., vice-pres. nominee. 
Adams, Samuel. 
Adams Express Company. 
“Adams men”. 
“Administration men”.
Alabama, admitted;
Alabama claims. 
Alaska, boundaries;
Albany, Dutch at;
  colonial congress at. 
Alien and Sedition laws. 
Allegheny River, French on. 
Allen, Ethan. 
Allison amendment. 
Amendments to Constitution, ten;
  proposed thirteenth;
America, discovery of;
  naming of. 
American Antislavery Society. 
American Fur Trading Company. 
American party. 
American Republican party;
Amnesty, proclamation issued;
  political issue. 
Anaesthesia discovered. 
Anderson, Robert. 
Andre, Major John. 
Annapolis, Md., founded; riot at;
  trade convention at. 
Annapolis, Port Royal called. 
Annual message. 
Anti-Chinese movement. 
Anti-Nebraska men. 
Antietam, battle of. 
Antimasonic party. 
Antislavery movement. 
Appomattox Courthouse. 
Arbitration, policy;
  between England and Venezuela. 
Argall, Governor.
Arizona, territory;
  silver interests. 
Arkansas, becomes territory;
  Confederates in;
Army of the Cumberland;
Army of the Potomac, peninsular campaign;
  at Gettysburg;
  in Wilderness campaign;
Army of Tennessee. 
Army of Virginia. 
Arnold, Benedict, attacks Quebec;
  at Saratoga;
  treason of;
  in British service. 
Articles of Confederation. 
Ashburton, Lord. 
Assumption of state debts. 
Astor, John Jacob. 
Astoria founded. 
Atchison settled. 
Atlanta burned. 
Atlantic cable. 
Auburn settled. 
Aurania settled. 
Austin, Moses. 
Austin, Stephen.


Bahama Islands. 
Baltimore, founded;
  in colonial times;
  Congress at;
  route to the West;
  convention at;
  insurgents in;
  labor congress in. 
Baltimore, Lord,
Banks, United States, see National Bank;

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