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I. Europe finds America
II.  The Spaniards in the united states
III.  English, Dutch, and Swedes on the seaboard
IV.  The planting of new England
V. The middle and southern colonies
VI.  The French in the Mississippi valley
VII.  The Indians
VIII.  The struggle for new France and Louisiana
IX.  Life in the colonies in 1763
X.  “Liberty, property, and no stamps
XI.  The struggle for independence
XII.  Under the articles of confederation
XIII.  Making the constitution
XIV.  Our country in 1790
XV.  The rise of parties
XVI.  The struggle for neutrality
XVII.  Struggle forFree trade and sailorsrights
XVIII.  The war for commercial independence
XIX.  Progress of our country between 1790 and 1815
XX.  Settlement of our boundaries
XXI.  The Rising west
XXII.  The highways of trade and commerce
XXIII.  Politics from 1824 to 1845
XXIV.  Expansion of the slave area
XXV.  The territories become slave soil
XXVI.  Progress in the united states between 1840 and 1860
XXVII.  War for the union, 1861-1865
XXVIII.  War along the coast and on the sea
XXIX.  The cost of the war
XXX.  Reconstruction of the south
XXXI.  The new west (1860-1870)
XXXII.  Politics from 1868 to 1880
XXXIII.  Growth of the northwest
XXXIV.  Mechanical and industrial progress
XXXV.  Politics since 1880


Declaration of independence
constitution of the united states
state constitutions


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