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E. A. Wallis Budge
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“Homage to thee, O thou who art R[=a] when thou risest and Temu when thou settest.  Thou risest, thou risest, thou shinest, thou shinest, O thou who art crowned king of the gods.  Thou art the lord of heaven, thou art the lord of earth; thou art the creator of those who dwell in the heights, and of those who dwell in the depths.  Thou art the One God who came into being in the beginning of time.  Thou didst create the earth, thou didst fashion man, thou didst make the watery abyss of the sky, thou didst form Hapi (i.e., the Nile), thou didst create the great deep, and thou dost give life unto all that therein is.  Thou hast knit together the mountains, thou hast made mankind and the beasts of the field to come into being, thou hast made the heavens and the earth.  Worshipped be thou whom the goddess Maat embraceth at morn and at eve.  Thou dost travel across the sky with thy heart swelling with joy; the great deep of heaven is content thereat.  The serpent-fiend Nak [Footnote:  A name of the Serpent of darkness which R[=a] slew daily.] hath fallen, and his arms are cut off.  The Sektet [Footnote:  The boat in which R[=a] sailed from noon to sunset.] boat receiveth fair winds, and the heart of him that is in the shrine thereof rejoiceth.
“Thou art crowned Prince of heaven, and thou art the One [dowered with all sovereignty] who appearest in the sky.  R[=a] is he who is true of voice. [Footnote:  i.e., whatsoever R[=a] commandeth taketh place straightway; see the Chapter on the Judgment of the Dead, p. 110.] Hail, thou divine youth, thou heir of everlastingness, thou self-begotten One!  Hail, thou who didst give thyself birth!  Hail, One, thou mighty being, of myriad forms and aspects, thou king of the world, prince of Annu (Heliopolis), lord of eternity, and ruler of everlastingness!  The company of the gods rejoice when thou risest and dost sail across the sky, O thou who art exalted in the Sektet boat.”
“Homage to thee, O Amen-R[=a], [Footnote:  On the god Amen, see the chapter, “The Gods of the Egyptians.”] who dost rest upon Maat; [Footnote:  i.e., “thy existence, and thy risings and settings are ordered and defined by fixed, unchanging, and unalterable law.”] thou passest over heaven and every face seeth thee.  Thou dost wax great as thy Majesty doth advance, and thy rays are upon all faces.  Thou art unknown, and no tongue can declare thy likeness; thou thyself alone [canst do this].  Thou art One...  Men praise thee in thy name, and they swear by thee, for thou art lord over them.  Thou hearest with thine ears, and thou seest with thine eyes.  Millions of years have gone over the world.  I cannot tell the number of those through which thou hast passed.  Thy heart hath decreed a day of happiness in thy name of ‘Traveller.’  Thou dost pass over and dost travel through untold spaces [requiring] millions and hundreds of thousands of years [to pass over]; thou passest through them in peace, and thou steerest thy way across the watery abyss to the place which thou lovest; this thou doest in one little moment of time, and then thou dost sink down and dost make an end of the hours.”

III.  FROM THE PAPYRUS OF ANI. [Footnote:  Plate 20.]

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