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Émile Gaboriau
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    And then again he sent a dove
      That he might something learn,
    But she could find no resting-place,
      And did to him return.

    The waters still spread o’er the earth,
      And slowly did abate;
    For seven days more within the ark,
      He patiently did wait.

[Illustration:  The River Nile by Moonlight.]

    And then he sent her forth again,
      And back she came at eve,
    And bearing in her mouth she brought
      To him an olive-leaf.

    This token told him that the flood
      Was drying fast away;
    But Noah still within the ark
      For seven days more did stay.

    He now the third time sent the dove,
      Nor did he send in vain,
    The waters of the flood were dry;—­
      She ne’er returned again.

    She found a resting-place on earth,
      Beneath a sunny sky,
    And with a gladsome, joyous heart,
      She round about did fly.

    Then Noah look’d forth from the ark,
      And lifted up to God,
    His thankfulness for keeping him,
      According to His word.


Noah comes forth from the ark.

    And now the Lord to Noah spake,
      And bade him from the ark
    Go forth, and stand upon the earth,
      And all his family take.

    The waters from the earth had fled,
      The ground was clean and dry,
    No threatening billows form’d around,
      No clouds were in the sky.

    So Noah left the ark, and came
      Forth to the open air,
    And all the beasts and creeping things,
      And fowls, were with him there.

    He brought them out to fill the earth. 
      To multiply and live;
    That they might magnify His name,
      Who every good doth give.

    Behold the wondrous hand of God,
      How matchless is His skill,
    Who works in heaven and on the earth,
      The counsel of His will.

    How great, how awful, and how just
      Was that Almighty word,
    Which, for the sinfulness of men,
      Did call the dreadful flood.

    And while the world was perishing,
      ’Tis pleasing to observe,
    The loving-kindness of the Lord,
      Who did the good preserve.

    He saved them in the ark, while fell
      The overflowing rain;
    And when the flood was dried away,
      He brought them forth again.


Noah sacrifices to the Lord.

    When Noah came forth from the ark,
      His heart was filled with praise;
    He worshipp’d God with thankful voice,
      For His abounding grace.

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