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Émile Gaboriau
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The fountains of the deep are broken up.

    Not only did the clouds come up,—­
      Heaven’s windows open wide;—­
    The fountains of the deep were stirr’d,
      And raged on every side.

    The clouds pour’d down their treasures vast,
      The deeps yield up their store,
    The proudest trembles at the form
      Of God’s almighty power.

    The seas are swelling up in wrath,
      And break the appointed bound—­
    Their waters overflow the shore
      And fiercely rage around.

    The rivers rise to fearful height,
      And roll their torrents on,
    Until their highest banks are lost
      From sight, deep overflown.

    The fountains too and hidden springs,
      Seem bursting everywhere;
    Their waters flow on every side,
      The common rage to share.

    Now wave meets wave, and swells the flood
      In fury o’er the land,
    Fulfilling all the will of God,
      Obeying His command.

    O God! the power is thine alone,
      To punish and create;
    We would with reverence bow to Thee,
      And worship might so great

    And may we never dare provoke
      That high Almighty Power,
    Which once awaked against our sins,
      Could blast us in an hour.


The floating ark.

    The waters lifted up the ark,
      Majestic it did ride
    Above the swelling, surging waves,
      Along the rolling tide.

    The freight of life it bore along,
      Secure from every harm;
    And though the tempest raged without,
      Their hearts knew no alarm.

    To God in humble earnest prayer,
      They sent their feeble cry,
    And He with power and love did look,
      Down from His throne on high.

    And while the raging waves did roar,
      And swift destruction bring,
    Jehovah sheltered them beneath
      The shadow of His wing.

    The ark Jehovah guided through
      The vast unmeasured deep;
    And all the life therein reposed
      He did in safety keep.

    It floated o’er the valleys low,
      And o’er the highest hill,
    For high the waters rose, and thus
      Obey’d the Almighty Will.

    How strong that hand that can protect,
      When danger rages round;
    The mercy of our Father God,
      Doth every where abound.

    And those who put their trust in Him,
      And to Him ever pray,
    Will find it is the safest thing
      His counsel to obey.


The drowning world.

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