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Émile Gaboriau
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    When God provoked, in anger speaks,
      Who can His word withstand? 
    His heart is full of holiness,
      And strong is His right hand.


Noah and his family.

    One righteous man was found on earth,
      And him Jehovah loved;
    His thoughts, his words, and all his deeds,
      Were by the Lord approved.

    He kept himself away from sin,
      Nor walk’d with wicked men;
    He loved the God who reigns on high,
      Nor did he love in vain.

    His family he train’d to know,
      And love and serve the Lord;
    And they were safe in keeping all
      The great Jehovah’s word.

    The Lord remembered Noah’s walk,
      And did not him condemn,
    When, for the wickedness of men,
      He did aloud proclaim,—­

    That He would rain upon the earth
      An overwhelming flood;
    But choose him and his family—­
      And firm His counsel stood.

    The Lord forever shows regard
      To those who love His ways,
    They vindicate His righteousness
      And ever show His praise.

    So He would not destroy this man
      Who walk’d with Him in love,
    But promised him that He would give
      Protection from above.

    Then Noah’s fervent heart was fill’d
      With grief for sinful men;
    Yet though God’s judgment was severe,
      He could not once complain.

    He pitied the sad state of those
      Who had despised the Lord;
    He saw that God would punish them,
      According to His word.


Noah commanded to make an ark.

    Jehovah unto Noah said:—­
      “I will destroy the earth,
    For violence is in the land,
      And wickedness and mirth.

    “Men’s hearts are full of laughter wild,
      Their lives are full of sin;
    And I will send destruction swift,
      And show my power divine.

    “I’ll rain upon the earth a flood,
      And drown men in the storm,
    And they shall find no arm to save,
      Amid their fearful gloom.

    “But thee I have found true and good,
      A follower of my ways;
    And I will save thee from the flood,
      And lengthen out thy days.

    “Now therefore build thyself an ark,
      According to my word;
    To save thyself and family,
      For ye have fear’d the Lord.

    “For every thing that now has life,
      And all things that have breath,
    Even for the wickedness of man,
      I do devote to death.

    “I am the Lord, the mighty one,
      I, even I, do speak;
    The flood upon the earth I’ll bring,
      And nought my word shall break.”

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