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A discussion what the soul is, and what is its quality, n. 315.

On the garden, where there was a conversation respecting the divine providence in regard to marriages, n. 316.

On the distinction between what is spiritual and what is natural, n. 326-329.

Discussions, whether a woman who loves herself for her beauty, loves her husband; and whether a man who loves himself for his intelligence, loves his wife, n. 330, 331.

On self-prudence, n. 353.

On the perpetual faculty of loving a wife in heaven, n. 355, 356.

A discussion, whether nature is of life, or life of nature; also respecting the centre and expanse of life and nature, n. 380.

Orators delivering their sentiments on the origin of beauty in the female sex, n. 381-384.

That all things which exist and take place in the natural world, are from the Lord through the spiritual world, n. 415-422.

On the angels who were ignorant of the nature and meaning of adultery, n. 444.

On delight, which is the universal of heaven and hell, n. 461.

On an adulterer who was taken up into heaven, and there saw things inverted n. 477.

On three priests who were accused by adulterers, n. 500.

That determined and confirmed adulterers do not acknowledge anything of heaven and the church, n. 521, 522.

On the new things revealed by the Lord, n. 532.


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The Numbers refer to the Paragraphs, and not to the Pages.

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ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION.  Matt. xxiv. 15, signifies the falsification and deprivation of all truth, 80.

ABSENCE in the spiritual world, its cause, 171.

ACTION.—­In all conjunction by love there must be action, reception, and reaction, 293.  From the will, which in itself is spiritual, actions flow, 220.

ACTIVITY is one of the moral virtues which respect life, and enter into it, 164.  The activity of love makes a sense of delight, 461.  The influx of Love and wisdom from the Lord is the essential activity from which comes all delight, 461.  From conjugial love, as from a fountain, issue the activities and alacrities of life, 249.

ACTORS.—­In heaven, out of the cities, are exhibited stage entertainments, wherein the actors represent the various virtues and graces of moral life, 17, 79.

ACTUALLY, 66, 98, 178, &c.

Obs.—­This expression is used to distinguish Actualiter from Realiter, of which the author also makes use; thus between actually and really, there is the same distinction as between actual taken in a philosophical sense, and real.

ACUTION.—­The spiritual purification of conjugial love may be compared with the purification of natural spirits effected by chemists, and called acution, 145.

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