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EMPLOYMENTS in the spiritual world, 207.

END of this Work, 295.

END, the, and the cause, in what is to be effected and in effects, act in unity because they act together, 387.  The end, cause, and effect successively progress as three things, but in the effect itself they make one, 401.  Every end considered in itself is a love, 212.  Every end appertains to the will, every cause to the understanding, and every effect to action, 400.  The end, unless the intended effect is seen together with it, is not any thing, neither does each become any thing, unless the cause supports, contrives, and conjoins, 400.  All operations in the universe have a progression from ends, through causes into effects, 400.  Ends advance in a series, one after the other, and in their progress the last end becomes first, 387.  Ends make progression in nature through times without time, but they cannot come forth and manifest themselves, until the effect or use exists and becomes a subject, 401.  The end of marriage is the procreation of children, 254.  All in heaven are influenced by an end of good; and all in hell by an end of evil, 453, 527.


ENGLISH, 103, 107, 326.

ENUNCIATIONS, the.—­The name of the prophetic books of the Word that was given to the inhabitants of Asia, before the Israelitish Word, 77.


EQUILIBRIUM, there is an, between the sphere of conjugial love, and between the sphere of its opposite, and man is kept in this equilibrium, 437.  This equilibrium is a spiritual equilibrium, 437.  Spiritual equilibrium is that which exists between good and evil, or between heaven and hell, 444.  This equilibrium produces a free principle, 444.  See Freedom.

ERUDITE, the pretended, in the spiritual world, 232.

ERUDITION appertains to rational wisdom, 163.

ERUDITION is one of the principles constituent of rational wisdom, 163.

ESSE and EXISTERE.—­The esse of the substance of God is Divine good, and the existere of the substance of God is Divine truth, 115.

ESSENTIALS.—­Love, wisdom, and use, are three essentials, together constituting one divine essence, 183.  These three essentials flow into the souls of men, 183.

ETERNITY is the infinity of time, 185.

ETHICS is one of those sciences by which an entrance is made into things rational, which are the ground of rational wisdom, 163.

EUNUCHS.—­Of those who are born eunuchs, or of eunuchs so made, 151.  Who are understood by the eunuchs who make themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake, Matt. xix. 12, 156.

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