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“You’re young yet, my dear; you can learn.  What is it you want to study?”

“Success, and how to get it.”

“Success, in the general sense of the word, has never seemed very important to me.  To do your work well——­”

“Yes, I know.  It is the fact that you have not thought success important that hampers me so in the choice of a husband.”

“Bambina, that is the second time a husband has been mentioned in this discussion.  Have you some individual under consideration?”

“I have.  I have practically decided on him.”

“You don’t tell me!  Do I know the young man?”

“Oh, yes—­Jarvis Jocelyn.”

“He has proposed to you?”

“Oh, no.  He doesn’t know anything about it.  I have just decided on him.”

“But, my dear, he is penniless.”

“That’s why I reproach you that you haven’t brought me up to support Jarvis in a luxury he will have to get used to.”

“But why have you settled on this youth?  I seem to recall a great many young men who are always about.  I presume they admire you.  Certainly this dreamer is the most ineligible of them all.”

“Oh, that—­yes.  That’s why I must take him.  He’ll starve to death unless some one takes him on, and looks after him.”

“Isn’t there some asylum, perhaps?”

Bambi’s laugh rang out like a chime.

“A home for geniuses.  There’s an idea!  No, Professor Parkhurst, Society does not yet provide for that particular brand of incompetents.”

“It seems as if you were going rather far in your quixotism to marry him.”

Again the girl laughed.

“I total him up like this:  fine family, good blood, decent habits, handsome, healthy, poetic.  He might even be affectionate.  His one fault is that he is not adjusted to modern commercial standards.  He cannot make money, or he will not—­it comes to the same thing.”

“I am unable to see why you are elected to take care of him.  He must fit his time, or perish.  You don’t happen to be in love with him, do you?”

“No, I—­I think not.  He interests me more than anybody.  I suppose I am fond of him rather.”

“Have you any reason for thinking him in love with you?”

“Mercy, no!  He hardly knows I’m alive.  He uses me for a conversational blotting-pad.  That’s my only use in his eyes.”

“He’s so very impractical.”

“I am used to impractical men.  I have taken care of you since I was five years old.”

“Yes, my dear.  But I am not trying to feed the world bread when it demands cheese.”

“No, you are distinctly practical.  You are only trying to prove a fourth dimension, when three have sufficed the world up to date.”

“Yes, but——­”

“No buts.  If it had not been for me you would have gone naked and been arrested, or have forgotten to eat and starved to death.”

“Now, my dear Bambi, I protest——­”

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