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He took her into his arms, and sat in the big chair, holding her close, while she clung to him and sobbed out her heart.  He kissed her hair, her wet eyes, and her lips, saying over and over, “Oh, littlest, I love you so, I love you so!” When the sobs ceased, he lifted her face to his.

“I want to see the shine in your eyes, dearest, and then I want you to listen to me.”

She drew his head down to her and kissed him.

“The shine will come back now, beloved.  Oh, Big”—­she said with a sigh—­“my old Jarvis.”

“No, your new Jarvis, little wife.  The old, crazy Jarvis will be more to your liking.  I may not understand you very well yet, but I know my need of you my pride in you——­”

“And my need of you?”

“And your need of me.  We’re in step, now, honey girl—­and we’ll march along together without any more misunderstandings, won’t we?”

“Oh, we will, if you’ll take short steps, so I can keep up.”

“I’m the one to do the running now, Miss Mite.  A famous novelist and a successful playwright!” he laughed, pinching her cheek.

“None of it counts.  The only title that means anything to me is Mrs. Jarvis Jocelyn.”

His comment on that was inaudible.

“Would you mind telling me just why you married me?”

“Because I was a seeress, and foresaw this day.”

More comment, inaudible.  The door opened, cautiously, the Professor tiptoed in, followed by Ardelia, with a tray.  At the sight of the two before him, engrossed in the inaudible comments, he stepped back into Ardelia and rattled the contents of the tray.  Jarvis looked up and caught his astonished expression.  He rose with Bambi in his arms.

“Good-morning, Father.  I’m home,” he said.

“Thank de good Lawd!” from Ardelia.

“It’s Jarvis,” said Bambi, fatuously, patting his cheek.

“I suspected that it was when I saw him,” the Professor admitted.  “I’m glad that you’re back, and I hope you’ll stay.  This child needs a firmer hand than mine.”

“You’re speaking of a woman with a well-advanced career, Herr Professor Parkhurst!”

“Ardelia, we are not needed.  She is well.  A dose of Jarvis Jocelyn was the correct prescription.”

“Well, thank Gawd fo’ some sho’ nuff lovin’ at las’” said Ardelia, as she backed out behind the Professor, and closed the door.


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