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“Was she?  Why didn’t you wait and see her?”

“She wished to talk to Mr. Frohman alone.”

“Isn’t she tiresome, with all her mystery?  You don’t think she could hold us up on it now, at the last minute, do you?”

“She could, but I don’t think she will.  Rehearsals will be called next week.”

“Oh, goody!  Jarvis, aren’t you happy about it?”


“But you aren’t happy enough!”

He sighed.  It was all so different from the way he had planned to bring her his first success.

“Something seems to have gone amiss with us, doesn’t it, Bambi?”

“I haven’t noticed it.”

“You’re satisfied to go on as we are now?”

“I can think of a few improvements.  I’ll tell you about them later.”

“So many things seem to hinge on the success of this play!”

“They do!  May the gods take notice,” she laughed.

On the following Tuesday came the call for a reading of the play with the company, Wednesday, at eleven.  Bambi was as excited as a child over the announcement.

“I think we had better plan to stay at the National Arts Club again, during rehearsals, Jarvis.”

“I am not sure I can finance that.  I told Mr. Frohman I did not need an advance.”

“I’ve got some left.  You can borrow back the hundred you paid me, to start off on.”

“You’re like the old woman with the magic purse.”

“I’m thrifty and saving.”

“Well, if we can accomplish it without robbing you I agree with you that it would be better to stay in town.”

“Settled.  You go pack your things, and I’ll look after mine.”

They prepared to make their second pilgrimage, this time to the “Land of Promise.”

The Professor showed an unusual amount of interest in the matter.

“How long will it take to rehearse it?” he asked.

“We don’t know yet, we’re such amateurs.  But as soon as we know the date set for the opening you and Ardelia are to prepare to come.  You can come up the day of the performance, and if you can’t stand it, you may come home the next day.”

“A trip to New York?  What an upsetting idea!”

“Would you rather stay here, and miss the first play Jarvis and I ever did together?” said Bambi, disappointedly.

“No, certainly not.  I’ll come.  Just make a note of it, and put it in a conspicuous place,” he added.

“We’ll keep you reminded, never fear.”

Ardelia gasped when she heard she was to go.

“I’ll send you a list of the clothes to bring for the Professor in plenty of time.  I shall give you a new black silk dress for the occasion.”

“Lawd a’ massy, Miss Bambi!  I’se so excited I cain’t talk.  A noo silk dress an’ a-goin’ to Noo Yawk wid de Perfessor.  I decla’ dey ain’t no niggah woman in dis heah town got sech quality to work fo’ as dis old niggah has.”

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