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“Yes, but don’t say it like that.  It sounds silly and cheap.”

“Husband will be mad as fury at the whole thing.”

“You don’t think that, do you?  That would spoil the whole thing so entirely,” she said in concern.

“You’re the dramatist, I’m only the manager,” he laughed.

They talked about the cast, the sets, and other practical details.

“You’re coming to rehearsals, aren’t you?” he asked her.


“Jarvis prepared me for that.”

“Did he?  Well, he won’t be much good.  He can’t act.”

“I told him you would look over the play, then I would call the company together for a reading.”

“Consider the script looked over.  Do call it quick, Mr. Frohman; I can hardly wait.”

“What about contracts?  Do you want one as author, with another to you and Jarvis as playwrights?”

“No, that’s too complicated.  Let’s have one for the whole thing, then we can divvy up what there is.”

“Suits me.  I’ll see you next week, then.  Better make arrangements to stay in town during rehearsals.”

“Oh, yes, we will”

“I think we will pull off a success.  This is very human, this stuff.  Good-bye.”

“You’ve been such a dear.  We’ve just got to succeed for your sake.  Good-bye, and thanks.”


Bambi hurried to catch the 5:30 train for home, and as it rushed through the station she spied Jarvis striding on ahead, evidently bound for the same train.  With the caution of a lady detective she kept behind him until he got aboard.  Then she rushed ahead and got into the first car.  At Sunnyside she astonished the town hack-man by leaping into his cab and ordering him to drive her home, top speed.

The situation appealed to her taste for intrigue.  Into the house she sped and to her room.  The Professor and Ardelia were in bed and asleep.  When Jarvis came in she descended, to inquire about the fate of their play, with the calm of a finished actress.

“I’m waiting for you!  What news?” she demanded.

“He likes it.  If the author is satisfied, we go ahead at once.”

“Hooray!” shouted Bambi, pirouetting madly.  “Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis Jocelyn, the talk of the town,” she sang.

“You did want your name on the bills, then?”

She stopped in alarm.  Had she given it away after all her trouble?

“How do you mean on the bills?”

“As co-author?  Mr. Frohman asked me.  I told him you had never spoken of it, but that I wanted you to have full credit.”

“What else did you tell Mr. Frohman about me?”

“I told him you were clever.”

“What did he say?” she laughed.

“Said he didn’t doubt it.  He will allow you to come to rehearsals.”

“I should hope so!  So it’s all settled?”

“Yes, if the author consents.  She was to see the play at three this afternoon.”

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