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After a few moments, BOOTH appears.  He watches SUSAN and sees that her gaze is fixed away from him.  He creeps along to the centre box and disengages a hand from under his cloak.  It holds a revolver.  Poising himself, he opens the door with a swift movement, fires, flings the door to again, and rushes away.  The door is thrown open again, and the OFFICER follows in pursuit.  Inside the box, MRS. LINCOLN is kneeling by her husband, who is supported by STANTON.  A DOCTOR runs across the lounge and goes into the box.  There is complete silence in the theatre.  The door closes again.

Susan (who has run to the box door, and is kneeling there, sobbing_):  Master, master!  No, no, not my master!

The other box doors have opened, and the occupants with others have collected in little terror-struck groups in the lounge.  Then the centre door opens, and STANTON comes out, closing it behind him.

Stanton:  Now he belongs to the ages.


First Chronicler:  Events go by.  And upon circumstance Disaster strikes with the blind sweep of chance.  And this our mimic action was a theme, Kinsmen, as life is, clouded as a dream.

Second Chronicler:  But, as we spoke, presiding everywhere Upon event was one man’s character.  And that endures; it is the token sent Always to man for man’s own government.



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