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When she put away her shawl,
  Nicely laying by her book,
  She had only once to look
In its place to find her doll
    Snugly there: 
She could shut her smiling eyes,
Sure to find her pretty prize.

See her books,—­how clean they are! 
  Corners not turned down, I know! 
  There’s a marker, made to show
In her lessons just how far. 
    Dog-eared books
Are a certain sign to me
That the girl must careless be.

She’s as tidy as a pink! 
  Clean and neat, and gentle too! 
  If you take her actions through,
Just the same, I know, you’ll think. 
    School or home,
    Tasks or play,
    Books or toys,
    Every way,
Order keeps this loving girl,
With her auburn hair a-curl.

Friend of Youth.

* * * * *

What boy or girl in the Sunday School has not heard of Grace Darling?  Are not these two women, whose noble deeds are told below, worthy to be called her sister-spirits?


A most interesting story is told, in a late German paper, of a remarkable woman in Pillau, Prussia, whose heroism of character certainly rises into the gigantic, or whose intrepidity, to say the least, appears to be unprecedented.  This woman, by a truly generous daring, is the widow of a seaman, with whom, for upwards of twenty years, she made long voyages; and, since his death, she has devoted her life, for his memory’s sake, to the noble and perilous task of carrying aid to the drowning.  Her name is Katherine Klenfoldt.  Whenever a storm arises, whether by day or night, she embarks in her boat, and quits the harbor in search of ship-wrecks.  At the age of forty-seven, she has already rescued upwards of three hundred individuals from certain death.  The population of Pillau venerate her as something holy, and the seamen look upon her as their guardian-angel.  All heads are uncovered as she passes along the street.  The Prussian and several other governments have sent her their medals of civil merit:  the municipality of Pillau has conferred on her the freedom of her town.  She possesses an athletic figure and great strength, seeming to be furnished by nature in view of a capacity to go through wild scenes and high deeds.  Her physiognomy is somewhat masculine, with the expression softened by a look of gentleness and goodness.


The island of Rona is a small and very rocky spot of land, lying between the isle of Skye and the main land of Applecross, and is well known to mariners for the rugged and dangerous nature of the coast.  There is a famous place of refuge at the north-western extremity, called the “Muckle Harbor,” of very difficult access, however; which, strange to say, is easier to be entered at night than during the day.  At the extremity of this hyperborean

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