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That night, when Rollo went to bed, his father said, that when he was all ready, he would come up and see him.  When he came into his chamber, Rollo called out to him,

“O, father, look out the window, and see what a beautiful ring there is round the moon.”

“So there is,” said his father; “I am rather sorry to see that.”

“Sorry, father! why?  It is beautiful, I think.”

“It does look pretty, but it is a sign of rain to-morrow.”

“Of rain?  O no, father; it is a kind of a rainbow.  It is a round rainbow.  I am sure it will be pleasant to-morrow.”

“Very well,” said his father, “we shall see in the morning.”  Then he sat down on Rollo’s bed-side some time, talking with him on various subjects, and then heard him say his prayers.  At length he took the light, and bade Rollo good night.

Rollo’s eye caught another view of the moon as his father was going, and he said,

“O, father, just look at the moon once more; that is a rainbow; I see the colors.  I expect it will grow into a large one, such as you told me was a sign of fair weather.  I will watch it.”

“Yes,” said his father, “you can watch it as you go to sleep.”

So Rollo laid his face upon his pillow in such a way that he could see the moon through the window; and he began to watch the bright circle around it, but before it grew any bigger, he was fast asleep.


The next morning, Rollo awoke early, and he was very much pleased to see, as soon as he opened his eyes, that the sun was shining in at the windows.  He was not only pleased to find that the prospect was so good for a pleasant ride, but his vanity was gratified at the thought that it had turned out that he knew better about the weather than his father.  He began to dress himself, as far as he could without help, and was preparing to hasten down to his father, to tell him that it was going to be a pleasant day.  When he was nearly dressed, he was surprised lo observe that the bright sunlight on the wall was gradually fading away, and at length it wholly disappeared.  He went to look out the window to see what was the cause.  He found that there was a broad expanse of dark cloud covering the eastern sky, excepting a narrow strip quite low down, near the horizon.  When the sun first rose, it shone brightly through this narrow zone of clear sky; but now it had ascended a little higher, and gone behind the cloud.

“Never mind,” said Rollo to himself.  “The cloud is not so very large after all, and the sun will come out again above it when it gets up a little higher.”

Rollo came down to breakfast, and he went out into the yard every two or three minutes, to look at the sky.  The cloud seemed to extend, so that the sun did not come out of it, as he expected, but still he thought it was going to be pleasant Children generally think it is going to be pleasant, whenever they want to go away.

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