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(Long pause.  Song)

Gone, what once the eye delighted,
With the ages long ago!

FAUST (on the balcony, toward the downs)

From above what plaintive whimper? 
Word and tone are here too late! 
Wails my warder; me, in spirit
Grieves this deed precipitate! 
Though in ruin unexpected
Charred now lie the lindens old,
Soon a height will be erected,
Whence the boundless to behold. 
I the home shall see, enfolding
In its walls, that ancient pair,
Who, my gracious care beholding,
Shall their lives end joyful there.


Hither we come full speed.  We crave
Your pardon!  Things have not gone right! 
Full many a knock and kick we gave,
They opened not, in our despite;
Then rattled we and kick’d the more,
And prostrate lay the rotten door;
We called aloud with threat severe,
Yet sooth we found no listening ear. 
And as in such case still befalls,
They heard not, would not hear our calls;
Forthwith thy mandate we obeyed,
And straight for thee a clearance made. 
The pair—­their sufferings were light,
Fainting they sank, and died of fright. 
A stranger, harbor’d there, made show
Of force, full soon was he laid low;
In the brief space of this wild fray,
From coals, that strewn around us lay,
The straw caught fire; ’tis blazing free,
As funeral death-pyre for the three.


To my commandments deaf were ye! 
Exchange I wished, not robbery. 
For this your wild and ruthless part;—­
I curse it!  Share it and depart!


The ancient saw still rings today: 
Force with a willing mind obey;
If boldly thou canst stand the test,
Stake house, court, life, and all the rest!


The stars their glance and radiance veil;
Smoulders the sinking fire, a gale
Fans it with moisture-laden wings,
Vapor to me and smoke it brings. 
Rash mandate—­rashly, too, obeyed!—­
What hither sweeps like spectral shade?


Four gray women enter


My name, it is Want.


And mine, it is Blame.


My name, it is Care.


Need, that is my name.

THREE (together)

The door is fast-bolted, we cannot get in;
The owner is wealthy, we may not within.


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