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 Through trees and heather,
 Bound all together,
 O’er stock and stone! 
 Whate’er is lightly won,
 That I disdain;
 What I by force obtain,
 Prize I alone.


What vagaries, sense confounding! 
Naught of measure to be hoped for! 
Like the blare of trumpet sounding,
Over vale and forest ringing. 
What a riot!  What a cry!

CHORUS (entering quickly one by one)

Us he passed with glance scorn-laden;
Hastily still onward springing,
Bearing now the wildest maiden
Of our troop, he draweth nigh.

EUPHORION (bearing a young maiden)

I this wilful maid and coy
Carry to enforced caress;
For my pleasure, for my joy
Her resisting bosom press,
Kiss her rebel lips, that so
She my power and will may know.


Loose me! in this frame residing,
Burns a spirit’s strength and might;
Strong as thine, our will presiding
Swerveth not with purpose light. 
Thinkest, on thy strength relying,
That thou hast me in a strait? 
Hold me, fool! thy strength defying,
For my sport, I’ll scorch thee yet!
           [She flames up and flashes into the air.]

Follow where light breezes wander,
Follow to rude caverns yonder,
Strive thy vanish’d prey to net!

EUPHORION (shaking off the last flames)

Rocks all around I see,
Thickets and woods among! 
Why should they prison me? 
Still am I fresh and young. 
Tempests, they loudly roar,
Billows, they lash the shore;
Both far away I hear;
Would I were near!
       [He springs higher up the rock.]


Wouldst thou chamois-like aspire? 
Us thy threaten’d fall dismays!


Higher must I climb, yet higher,
Wider still must be my gaze. 
Know I now, where I stand: 
’Midst of the sea-girt land,
‘Midst of great Pelops’ reign,
Kin both to earth and main.


Canst not near copse and wold
Tarry, then yonder,
Ripe figs and apple-gold
Seeking, we’ll wander;
Grapes too shall woo our hand,
Grapes from the mantling vine. 
Ah, let this dearest land,
Dear one, be thine!


 Dream ye of peaceful day? 
 Dream on, while dream ye may! 
 War! is the signal cry,
 Hark! cries of victory!


 War who desireth
 While peace doth reign,
 To joy aspireth
 Henceforth in vain.


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