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Still here! what arrogance! unheard of quite! 
Vanish; we now have fill’d the world with light! 
Laws are unheeded by the devil’s host;
Wise as we are, yet Tegel hath its ghost! 
How long at this conceit I’ve swept with all my might,
Lost is the labor:  ’tis unheard of quite!


Cease here to tease us any more, I pray.


Spirits, I plainly to your face declare: 
No spiritual control myself will bear,
Since my own spirit can exert no sway.

[The dancing continues.]

Tonight, I see, I shall in naught succeed;
But I’m prepar’d my travels to pursue,
And hope, before my final step indeed,
To triumph over bards and devils too.


Now in some puddle will he take his station,
Such is his mode of seeking consolation;
Where leeches, feasting on his rump, will drain
Spirits alike and spirit from his brain.

(To FAUST, who has left the dance)

But why the charming damsel leave, I pray,
Who to you in the dance so sweetly sang?


Ah! in the very middle of her lay,
Out of her mouth a small red mouse there sprang.


Suppose there did!  One must not be too nice. 
’Twas well it was not gray, let that suffice. 
Who ’mid his pleasures for a trifle cares?


Then saw I—­




Mephisto, seest thou there
Standing far off, a lone child, pale and fair! 
Slow from the spot her drooping form she tears,
And seems with shackled feet to move along;
I own, within me the delusion’s strong,
That she the likeness of my Gretchen wears.


Gaze not upon her!  ’Tis not good!  Forbear! 
’Tis lifeless, magical, a shape of air,
An idol.  Such to meet with, bodes no good;
That rigid look of hers doth freeze man’s blood,
And well-nigh petrifies his heart to stone:—­
The story of Medusa thou hast known.


Ay, verily! a corpse’s eyes are those,
Which there was no fond loving hand to close. 
That is the bosom I so fondly press’d,
That my sweet Gretchen’s form, so oft caress’d!


Deluded fool!  ’Tis magic, I declare! 
To each she doth his lov’d one’s image wear.

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