Personal Memoirs of a Residence of Thirty Years with the Indian Tribes on the American Frontiers eBook

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The new administration—­Intellectual contest in the Senate—­Sharp contest for mayoralty of Detroit—­Things shaping at Washington—­Perilous trip on the ice—­Medical effects of this exposure—­Legislative Council—­Visit to Niagara Falls—­A visitor of note—­History—–­Character of the Chippewas—­Ish-ko-da-wau-bo—­Rotary sails—­Hostilities between the Chippewas and Sioux—­Friendship and badinage—­Social intercourse—­Sanillac—­Gossip—­Expedition to Lake Superior—­Winter Session of the Council—­Historical disclosure—­Historical Society of Rhode Island—­Domestic—­French Revolution.


Lecture before the Lyceum—­Temperature in the North—­Rum and taxes—­A mild winter adverse to Indians—­Death of a friend—­Christian atonement—­Threats of a Caliban, or an Indianized white man—­Indian emporium—­Bringing up children—­Youth gone astray—­Mount Hope Institution—­Expedition into the Indian country—­Natural History of the United States—­A reminiscence—­Voyage inland.


Lake Superior—­Its shores and character—­Geology—­Brigade of boats—­Dog and porcupine—­Burrowing birds—­Otter—­Keweena Point—­Unfledged ducks—­Minerals—­Canadian resource in a tempest of rain—­Tramp in search of the picturesque—­Search for native copper—­Isle Royal descried—­Indian precaution—­Their ingenuity—­Lake action—­Nebungunowin River—­Eagles—­Indian tomb—­Kaug Wudju.


Lake shores—­Sub-Indian agency—­Indian transactions—­Old fort, site of a tragedy—­Maskigo River; its rapids and character—­Great Wunnegum Portage—­Botany—­Length of the Mauvais—­Indian carriers—­Lake Kagenogumaug—­Portage lakes—­Namakagun River, its character, rapids, pine lands, &c.—­Pukwaewa village—­A new species of native fruit—­Incidents on the Namakagun; its birds, plants, &c.


Council with the Indians at Yellow Lake—­Policy of the Treaty of Prairie du Chien of 1825—­Speech of Shaiwunegunaibee—­Mounds of Yellow River—­Indian manners and customs—­Pictography—­Natural history—­Nude Indians—­Geology—­Portage to Lac Courtorielle—­Lake of the Isles—­Ottawa Lake—­Council—­War party—­Mozojeed’s speech—­Tecumseh—­Mozojeed’s lodge—­Indian movements—­Trip to the Red Cedar Fork—­Ca Ta—­Lake Chetac—­Indian manners.


Betula Lake—­Larch Lake—­A war party surprised—­Indian manners—­Rice Lake—­Indian council—­Red Cedar Lake—­Speeches of Wabezhais and Neenaba—­Equal division of goods—­Orifice for treading out rice—­A live beaver—­Notices of natural history—­Value of the Follavoine Valley—­A medal of the third President—­War dance—­Ornithology—­A prairie country, fertile and abounding in game—­Saw mills—­Chippewa River—­Snake—­La Garde Mountain—­Descent of the Mississippi—­Sioux village—­General impression of the Mississippi—­Arrival at Prairie du Chien.

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