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In fact, to meet these embarrassments, many retrenchments became necessary; some sub-agencies were drawn in from the Indian country, mechanics and interpreters were dismissed, and things put on the very lowest scale of expenditure.


Political horizon—­Ahmo Society—­Incoming of Gen. Jackson’s administration—­Amusements of the winter—­Peace policy among the Indians—­Revival at Mackinac—­Money crisis—­Idea of Lake tides—­New Indian code—­Anti-masonry—­Missions among the Indians—­Copper mines—­The policy respecting them settled—­Whisky among the Indians—­Fur trade—­Legislative council—­Mackinac mission—–­Officers of Wayne’s war—­Historical Society of Michigan—­Improved diurnal press.

1829.  Jan. 1st.  The administration of John Quincy Adams now draws to a close, and that of Gen. Jackson is anticipated to commence.  Political things shape themselves for these events.  The close of the old year and the opening of the new one have been remarkable for heralding many rumors of change which precede the incoming of the new administration.  Many of these relate to the probable composition of Gen. Jackson’s cabinet.  Among the persons named in my letters is Gov.  Cass, who has attracted a good deal of exterior notoriety during the last year.  Within the territory, his superiority of talents and energy have never been questioned.  Michigan would have much to lament by such a transference, for it is to be feared that party rancor, which he has admirably kept down, would break forth in all its accustomed violence.

17th.  AHMO SOCIETY.—­Under this aboriginal term, which signifies a bee, the ladies of the fort and village have organized themselves into a sewing society for benevolent purposes.  I find myself honored with a letter of thanks from them by their secretary, Mrs. E.S.  Russell.  Truly, the example of Dorcas was not mentioned in vain in the Scriptures, for its effect is to excite the benevolent and charitable everywhere to do likewise.  Every such little influence helps to make society better, and aids its sources of pleasing and self-sustaining reflection.

February 12th.  A letter from the editor of the North American Review acknowledges the receipt of a paper to appear in its columns.

March 4th, The administration of the government this day passes into the hands of a man of extraordinary individuality of character, indomitable will, high purpose, and decided moral courage.  He was fighting the Creeks and Seminoles when I first went to the West, and they told the most striking anecdotes of him, illustrating each of these traits of character.  Ten or eleven years have carried him into the presidential chair.  Such is the popular feeling with respect to military achievements and strong individuality of character.  Men like to follow one who shows a capacity to lead.

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