Personal Memoirs of a Residence of Thirty Years with the Indian Tribes on the American Frontiers eBook

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Sentiments of loyalty—­Northern Antiquarian Society—­Indian statistics—­ Rhode Island Historical Society—­Gen. Macomb—­Lines in the Odjibwa language by a mother on placing her children at school—­Mehemet Ali—­Mrs. Jameson’s opinion on publishers and publishing—­Her opinion of my Indian legends—­False report of a new Indian language—­Indian compound words—­Delafield’s Antiquities—­American Fur Company—­State of Indian disturbances in Texas and Florida—­Causes of the failure of the war in Florida, by an officer—­Death of an Indian chief—­Mr. Bancroft’s opinion on the Dighton Rook inscription—­Skroellings not in New England—­Mr. Gallatin’s opinion on points of Esquimaux language, connected with our knowledge of our archaeology.


Workings of unshackled mind—­Comity of the American Addison—­Lake periodical fluctuations—­American antiquities—­Indian doings in Florida and Texas—­Wood’s New England’s Prospect—­Philological and historical comments—­Death of Ningwegon—­Creeks—­Brothertons made citizens—­Charles Fenno Hoffman—­Indian names for places on the Hudson—­Christians Indians—­Etymology—­Theodoric—­Appraisements of Indian property—­Algic researches—­Plan and object.


American antiquities—­Michilimackinack a summer resort—­Death of Ogimau Keegido—­Brothertons—­An Indian election—­Cherokee murders—­Board of Regents of the Michigan University—­Archaeological facts and rumors—­Woman of the Green Valley—­A new variety of fish—­Visits of the Austrian and Sardinian Ministers to the U.S.—­Mr. Gallup—­Sioux murders—­A remarkable display of aurora borealis—­Ottawas of Maumee—­Extent of auroral phenomena—­Potawattomie cruelty—­Mineralogy—­Death of Ondiaka—­Chippewa tradition—­Fruit trees—­Stone’s preparation of the Life and Times of Sir William Johnson—­Dialectic difference between the language of the Ottawas and the Chippewas—­Philological remarks on the Indian languages—­Mr. T. Hulbert.


Popular error respecting the Indian character and history—­Remarkable superstition—­Theodoric—­A missionary choosing a wild flower—­Piety and money—­A fiscal collapse in Michigan—­Mission of Grand Traverse—­Simplicity of the school-girl’s hopes—­Singular theory of the Indians respecting story-telling—­Oldest allegory on record—­Political aspects—­Seneca treaty—­Mineralogy—­Farming and mission station on Lake Michigan.


Death of Col.  Lawrence Schoolcraft—­Perils of the revolutionary era—­Otwin—­Mr. Bancroft’s history in the feature of its Indian relations—­A tradition of a noted chief on Lake Michigan—­The collection of information for a historical volume—­Opinions of Mr. Paulding, Dr. Webster, Mr. Duer, John Quincy Adams—­Holyon and Alholyon—­Family monument—­Mr. Stevenson, American Minister at London—­Joanna Baillie—­Wisconsin—­Ireland—­Detroit—­Michilimackinack.

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