Personal Memoirs of a Residence of Thirty Years with the Indian Tribes on the American Frontiers eBook

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Tradition of Pontiac’s conspiracy and death—­Patriot war—­Expedition of a body of 250 men to Boisblanc—­Question of schools and missions among the Indians—­Indian affairs—­Storm at Michilimackinack—­Life of Brant—­Interpreterships and Indian language—­A Mohegan—­Affair of the “Caroline”—­Makons—­Plan of names for new towns—­Indian legends—­Florida war—­Patriot war—­Arrival of Gen. Scott on the frontiers—­Resume of the difficulties of the Florida war—­Natural history and climate of Florida—­Death of Dr. Lutner.


Indians tampered with at Grand River—­Small-pox in the Missouri Valley—­Living history at home—­Sunday schools—­Agriculture—­Indian names—­Murder of the Glass family—­Dr. Morton’s inquiries respecting Indian crania—­Necessity of one’s writing his name plain—­Michigan Gazetteer in preparation—­Attempt to make the Indian a political pack-horse—­Return to the Agency of Michilimackinack—­Indian skulls phrenologically examined—­J.  Toulmin Smith—­Cherokee question—­Trip to Grand River—­Treaty and annuity payments—­The department accused of injustice to the Indians.


Missions—­Hard times, consequent on over-speculation—­Question of the rise of the lakes—­Scientific theory—­Trip to Washington—­Trip to Lake Superior and the Straits of St. Mary—­John Tanner—­Indian improvements north of Michilimackinack—­Great cave—­Isle Nabiquon—­Superstitious ideas of the Indians connected with females—­Scotch royals—­McKenzie—­Climate of the United States—­Foreign coins and natural history—­Antique fort in Adams County, Ohio—­Royal Society of Northern Antiquaries—­Statistics of lands purchased from the Indians—­Sun’s eclipse—­Government payments.


Descendant of one spared at the massacre of St. Bartholomew’s—­Death of Gen. Clarke—­Massacre of Peurifoy’s family in Florida—­Gen. Harrison’s historical discourse—­Death of an emigrant on board a steamboat—­Murder of an Indian—­History of Mackinack—­Incidents of the treaty of 29th July, 1837—­Mr. Fleming’s account of the missionaries leaving Georgia, and of the improvements of the Indians west—­Death of Black Hawk—­Incidents of his life and character—­Dreadful cruelty of the Pawnees in burning a female captive—­Cherokee emigration—­Phrenology—­Return to Detroit—­University—­Indian affairs—­Cherokee removal—­Indians shot at Fort Snelling.


Embark for New York—­A glimpse of Texan affairs—­Toltecan monuments—­Indian population of Texas—­Horrible effects of drinking ardent spirits among the Indians—­Mr. Gallatin—­His opinions on various subjects of philosophy and history—­Visit to the South—­Philadelphia—­Washington—­Indian affairs—­Debt claim—­Leave to visit Europe—­Question of neutrality—­Mr. Van Buren—­American imaginative literature—­Knickerbocker—­Resume of the Indian question of sovereignty.

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