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Aid-el-Kebir, the
Aissaouas, the, of Kairouan
  dance of
Algeria, French conquest of
Almohads, the, invasion of Morocco by
  architecture of
Almoravids, the, invasion of Morocco by
  destruction of architecture of
Andalusian Moors, the, mosque of
Arabs, conquest of Morocco by
Architecture, Moroccan, four basic conditions of
  four groups of
  of the Almohad dynasty
  of the Cherifian dynasties
  of the Merinid dynasty
  the Saadian mausoleum
  the collegiate building
  the fortress
  the mosque
  the private house
Art, Moroccan, sources of influence on
  disappearance of treasures of
  and Moorish art

Ba-Ahmed, builder of the Bahia
Bab F’touh cemetery, at Fez
Bahia, the, palace of, at Marrakech
  apartment of Grand Vizier’s Favourite in
Bazaars, of Fez
  of Marrakech
  of Sale
Beni-Merins See Merinids
Berbers, the attack of, on Fez
  origins of
  dialects of
  nomadic character of
  heresy and schisms of
Bernard, M. Augustin
Black Guard, the Sultan’s
  uniform of
  Moulay-Ismael’s method of raising
Blue Men of the Sahara, the
Bou-Jeloud, palace of
Bugeaud, Marshal

Carthage, African colonies of
Casablanca, exhibitions at
  port of
Catholics, in Morocco
Cemetery, El Alou
  Bab F’touh
Chatelain, M. Louis
Chella, ruins of
Cherifian dynasties, the
  architecture of
Children, Moroccan,
  in the harem
  training of, for Black Guard
Chleuh boys, dance of
Christians, captive, and the building of Meknez
  religious liberty to, in Africa
Clocks, in Sultan’s harem at Rabat
Cochelet, Charles, his “Naufrage du Brick Sophie”
Colleges, at Fez
  at Sale
  architecture of Moroccan
Colors, of North African towns
Commerce, Moroccan
Conti, Princesse de
Convention of Fez, the
Courts of Justice, Moroccan
Crowds, Moroccan street
Culture, in North Africa

Dance, of Chleuh boys
  of the Hamadchas
Dawn, in Africa
Djebilets, the
Doutte, M.
Dust-storm, at Marrakech

Education, in Morocco
Elakhdar, mosque of
El Alou, cemetery of
El Andalous, mosque of
Elbah (Old Fez)
  harems of
Eldjid (New Fez)
  palaces of
  founding of
El Kairouiyin, mosque of
  the praying-hall of
  the court of ablutions of
  legend of the tortoise of
El-Mansour, Yacoub
Elmansour, palace of
Empress Mother, the
English emissaries,
  visit of, to Meknez
Exhibitions, planned by General Lyautey
Ezziani, chronicler of Moulay-Ismael

Fatimites, the
Fez, the approach to
  unchanged character of
  ruins of Merinid tombs of
  the upper or new
  old summer-palace at
  night in
  antiquity of
  palaces of

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