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  Here are Tot, Tom and Toby: 
    There are lots of things to see;
  There are dogs and cats and horses and goats,
    As happy as they can be.

  Turn the leaves gently.  The dogs and the cats,
    And the little children, too,
  Will be hurt if you tear them.  How would you feel
    If any one tore up you?

Fly little bird away.”


  A lit-tle girl
  Read in her book,
  How a wick-ed boy
  A wild bird took
  From out its nest
  In the green-wood tree
  A cap-tive now
  ’Tis forced to be,
  And flutters its poor wings all day long,
  And beats the bars of its cage so strong.


  “Poor lit-tle bird!”
  She soft-ly cried;
  Then on her head
  Her hood she tied,
  Took down the cage
  Of her own bird,
  Opened the door,
  With joy-ous word. 
  “Fly, lit-tle bird, a-way,” quoth she,
  Back to your home in the green-wood tree.


  A-way, a-way,
  The glad bird flew,
  Far out of sight,
  In heav-ens blue. 
  The wee girl watched
  With won-der-ing eye,
  Till it had fad-ed
  In the sky,
  Then sat her down, and cried, “Boo-hoo! 
  My bird is gone!  What shall I do?”


  Her pin-a-fore
  With tears was wet: 
  “My bird a-gain,
  I’ll nev-er get.” 
  At last she raised
  Her weep-ing eye,
  And there at hand,
  What should she spy
  But bird-ie hop-ping in his door,
  Tired of his free-dom, back once more.



  One day, all in the sweet spring weather,
  Two lit-tle folk went out to-geth-er. 
    Oh the bright May-day! 
  Sun was shining, birds were sing-ing,
  Flow-ers bloom-ing, May-bells ring-ing! 
    Oh the glad May-day!

  So they two went forth a May-ing,
  Laugh-ing, dan-cing, sing-ing, say-ing
    “Oh the bright May-day! 
  What care we for moth-er’s warn-ing? 
  Who would bide at home this morn-ing? 
    Oh the glad May-day!”



  Hi!  Diddle, Diddle! 
  The Cat and the Fiddle! 
  The Cow jumped over the Moon.


  The Little Dog laughed to see such sport,
  And the Dish ran away with the Spoon.



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