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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 341 pages of information about The Education of the Negro Prior to 1861.

BALDWIN, EBENEZER. Observations on the Physical and Moral Qualities of our Colored Population with Remarks on the Subject of Emancipation and Colonization. (New Haven, 1834.)

BASSETT, J.S. Slavery and Servitude in the Colony of North Carolina. (Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science.  Fourteenth Series, iv.-v.  Baltimore, 1896.)

——­ Slavery in the State of North Carolina. (Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science.  Series XVII., Nos. 7-8.  Baltimore, 1899.)

——­ Anti-Slavery Leaders of North Carolina. (Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science.  Series XVI., No. 6.  Baltimore, 1898.)

BAXTER, RICHARD. Practical Works. Twenty-three volumes. (London, 1830.)

BENEZET, ANTHONY. A Caution to Great Britain and Her Colonies in a Short Representation of the calamitous state of the enslaved Negro in the British Dominions. (Philadelphia, 1784.)

——­ The Case of our Fellow-Creatures, the Oppressed Africans, respectfully recommended to the serious Consideration of the Legislature of Great Britain, by the People called Quakers. (London, 1783.)

——­ Observations on the enslaving, importing, and purchasing of Negroes; with some advice thereon, extracted from the Epistle of the Yearly-Meeting of the People called Quakers, held at London in the Year 1748. (Germantown, 1760.)

——­ The Potent Enemies of America laid open:  being some Account of the baneful Effects attending the Use of distilled spirituous Liquors, and the Slavery of the Negroes. (Philadelphia.)

——­ A Short Account of that Part of Africa, inhabited by the Negroes.  With respect to the Fertility of the Country; the good Disposition of many of the Natives, and the Manner by which the Slave Trade is carried on. (Philadelphia, 1792.)

——­ Short Observations on Slavery, Introductory to Some Extracts from the Writings of the Abbe Raynal, on the Important Subject.

——­ Some Historical Account of Guinea, its Situation, Produce, and the General Disposition of its Inhabitants.  With an Inquiry into the Rise and Progress of the Slave Trade, its Nature and Lamentable Effects. (London, 1788.)

BIRNEY, JAMES G. The American Churches, the Bulwarks of American Slavery, by an American. (Newburyport, 1842.)

BIRNEY, WILLIAM. James G. Birney and his Times.  The Genesis of the Republican Party, with Some Account of the Abolition Movements in the South before 1828. (New York, 1890.)

BOURNE, WILLIAM O. History of the Public School Society of the City of New York, with Portraits of the Presidents of the Society. (New York, 1870.)

BRACKETT, JEFFERY R._The Negro in Maryland.  A Study of the Institution of Slavery._ (Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University, 1889).

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