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SMYTH, J.F.D. A Tour in the United States. (London, 1848.) This writer incidentally mentions the people of color.

SUTCLIFF, ROBERT. Travels in Some Parts of North America in the Years 1804, 1805, and 1806. (Philadelphia, 1812.) While traveling in slave territory Sutcliff studied the mental condition of the colored people.


BROWN, DAVID. The Planter, or Thirteen Years in the South.  (Philadelphia, 1853.) Here we get a Northern white man’s view of the heathenism of the Negroes.

BURKE, EMILY. Reminiscences of Georgia. (Oberlin, Ohio, 1850.) Presents the views of a woman who was interested in the uplift of the Negro race.

EVANS, ESTWICK. A Pedestrious Tour of Four Thousand Miles through the Western States and Territories during the Winter and Spring of 1818.  (Concord, N.H., 1819.) Among the many topics treated is the author’s contention that the Negro is capable of the highest mental development.

OLMSTED, FREDERICK LAW. A Journey in the Seaboard Slave States, with Remarks on their Economy. (New York, 1859.)

——­ A Journey in the Back Country. (London, i860.)

——­ Journeys and Explorations in the Cotton Kingdom. (London, 1861.) Olmsted was a New York farmer.  He recorded a few important facts about the education of the Negroes immediately before the Civil War.

PARSONS, E.G. Inside View of Slavery, or a Tour among the Planters.  (Boston, 1855.) The introduction was written by Harriet Beecher Stowe.  It was published to aid the antislavery cause, but in describing the condition of Negroes the author gave some educational statistics.

REDPATH, JAMES. The Roving Editor, or Talks with Slaves in Southern States. (New York 1859.) The slaves are here said to be telling their own story.

SMEDES, MRS. SUSAN (DABNEY). Memorials of a Southern Planter.  (Baltimore, 1887.) The benevolence of those masters who had their slaves taught in spite of public opinion and the law, is well brought out in this volume.

TOWER, REVEREND PHILO. Slavery Unmasked. (Rochester, 1856.) Valuable chiefly for the author’s arraignment of the so-called religious instruction of the Negroes after the reactionary period.

WOOLMAN, JOHN. Journal of John Woolman, with an Introduction by John G. Whittier. (Boston, 1873.) Woolman traveled so extensively in the colonies that he probably knew more about the mental state of the Negroes than any other Quaker of his time.


JEFFERSON, THOMAS.  Letters of Thomas Jefferson to Abbe Gregoire, M.A.  Julien, and Benjamin Banneker.  In Jefferson’s Works, Memorial Edition, xii. and xv.  He comments on Negroes’ talents.

MADISON, JAMES.  Letter to Prances Wright. In Madison’s Works, vol. iii., p. 396.  The training of Negroes is discussed.

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