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  “I know you not, then hence depart,
    Your coming is too late,
  Those only with me enter in,
    Who for my coming wait.”

  The coming of the Son of Man,
    Is like a thief at night,
  Let us be watchful, that we may
    Be children of the light.

  That when He coineth, we may have
    Abundant entrance given,
  Into the glorious, happy feast,
    The feast of love in Heaven.

[Illustration:  The Ten Virgins.]



  The Son of Man—­the Son of God,
    Shall in His glory come
  To judge the world, and then to bring
    His faithful children home.

  And when He comes, around His throne
    Bright angels shall appear,
  Who to their harps shall sing, while saints
    The heavenly music hear.

  All nations shall be gather’d there,
    And with His waving hand,
  He’ll them divide; some on His right,
    Some on his left shall stand.

  Just as the shepherd doth divide
    The sheep and goats apart;
  The Saviour will divide the good
    From those of evil heart.

  Upon His right, the saints array’d
    With robes of white shall stand;
  The wicked, who refused His word,
    Are placed on His left hand.

  Then to the righteous He will say,
    “Ye blessed children come,
  Because ye have my will obey’d,
    I’ll bring you to my home,

  “Which I prepared for you before
    The spacious world was made;
  Ye are my children, and shall be
    With glory bright array’d.”

  But unto those on His left hand,
    He’ll say, “Depart from me,
  I know ye not, ye always sin,
    And do iniquity.

  “Depart from me, ye cursed ones,
    To everlasting fire,
  Because ye did not keep my word,
    Receive my vengeful ire,

  “When I was hungry, and did ask
    For bread, ye did deny;
  When I was parch’d and sick and faint,
    Ye then did pass me by.

  “My children fed and clothed me too,
    When I was sick and faint;
  They came to me, and did with love
    Supply my every want

  “But ye refused me, and did mock
    My little children too,
  Now therefore hence, depart from me,
    For ye I never knew.”

  God doth require of us to show
    In deed as well as word,
  To all around, that we indeed
    Are children of the Lord,

  By doing good to others’ woes
    Relieving their distress;
  Supplying all their wants, and thus
    Their heavy spirits bless.

  And he hath promised, that if we
    This kindness show to them,
  He will our every act regard,
    As kindness done to Him.


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