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  The children of the kingdom are
    The good seed that is sown,
  The tares that came up with the wheat
    Are of the evil one.

  The enemy who sow’d the tares,
    Is he who fell afar;
  The harvest, when the world shall end;
    The angels reapers are.

  The righteous shall be gather’d home
    Forever with the Lord;
  And as the tares are burn’d, so shall
    The wicked be destroy’d.



  Once Peter said, “How oft shall I
    My brother’s sin forgive? 
  How oft shall I, if he confess,
    His penitence receive?”

  “Till seven times?” The Saviour said,
    “This is the law of Heaven,
  Thou shalt thy brother’s sin forgive,
    Till seventy times seven.

  My kingdom, therefore, I will like
    Unto a certain king,
  Who said that he his servants all
    To an account would bring.

  The first who came was one who did
    Ten thousand talents owe;
  And when he could not pay his lord,
    His heart was fill’d with wo.”

  The lord unto his servants said,
    “This debt must now be paid,
  Go sell his wife and children too,
    Let payment now be made.”

  The debtor to his master came,
    And at his feet did fall,
  “Have patience with me, lord,” he said,
    “And I will pay thee all.”

  His heart was with compassion moved,
    He freely did relieve
  His heart of sorrow, for at once
    He all the debt forgave.

  This servant then went out and found,
    One of his fellows near,
  Who owed to him an hundred pence;
    And spake to him severe.

  He took him by the throat, and said,
    “Now what thou owest, pay,
  I’ll wait no longer for the debt,
    But it must have to-day.”

  This servant then with grief and wo,
    Down at his feet did fall: 
  “My fellow servant, patience have,
    And I will pay thee all.”

  He would not; but with hardness did
    His own sad case forget;
  His debtor into prison cast
    Till he should pay the debt.

  His fellow servants heard the tale,
    And all with one accord,
  To show his base ingratitude,
    Came sorrowing to their lord.

  And told him all the servant did;
    And he was very wroth,
  And to those present said, “Go call
    The wicked servant forth.”

  He to him said, “Thou wicked one,
    Did I not thee forgive
  Ten thousand talents?  Couldst not thou,
    Thy fellow’s debt relieve?

  “Couldst thou not mercy show to him,
    As I did show to thee,
  Forgiving thee at once the debt,
    As thou desiredst me?

  Now therefore pay me all the debt,
    I will not thee forgive,
  Because thou didst not let him go,
    And all his we relieve.”

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