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BOOK THE FIRST—­April, 1665.

1.  The Grocer of Wood-street and his Family.

2.  The Coffin-maker.

3.  The Gamester and the Bully.

4.  The Interview.

5.  The Pomander-box.

6.  The Libertine Punished.

7.  The Plague Nurse.

8.  The Mosaical Rods.

9.  The Miniature.

10.  The Duel.

BOOK THE SECOND.—­May, 1665.

1.  The Progress of the Pestilence.

2.  In what Manner the Grocer Victualled his House.

3.  The Quack Doctors.

4.  The Two Watchmen.

5.  The Blind Piper and his Daughter.

6.  Old London from Old Saint Paul’s.

7.  Paul’s Walk.

8.  The Amulet.

9.  How Leonard was cured of the Plague.

10.  The Pest-house in Finsbury Fields.

11.  How the Grocer shut up his House.

BOOK THE THIRD.—­June, 1665.

1.  The Imprisoned Family.

2.  How Fires were Lighted in the Streets.

3.  The Dance of Death.

4.  The Plague-pit.

5.  How Saint Paul’s was used as a Pest-house.

6.  The Departure.

7.  The Journey.

8.  Ashdown Lodge.

9.  Kingston Lisle.

BOOK THE FOURTH.—­September, 1665.

1.  The Plague at its Height.

2.  The Second Plague-pit.

3.  The House in Nicholas-lane.

4.  The Trials of Amabel.

5.  The Marriage and its Consequences.

6.  The Certificate.

BOOK THE FIFTH.—­December, 1665.

1.  The Decline of the Plague.

2.  The Midnight Meeting.

BOOK THE SIXTH.—­September, 1666.

1.  The Fire-ball.

2.  The First Night of the Fire.

3.  Progress of the Fire.

4.  Leonard’s Interview with the King.

5.  How Leonard saved the King’s Life.

6.  How the Grocer’s House was Burnt.

7.  The Burning of Saint Paul’s.

8.  How Leonard rescued the Lady Isabella.

9.  What befel Chowles and Judith in the Vaults of Saint Faith’s.

10.  Conclusion.



April, 1665.


The grocer of wood-street and his family.

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